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Value questionnaire


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A checklist to help identify value with reliability activities.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Value questionnaire

  1. 1. «Organization» 15466 Los Gatos Blvd #109-371 Los Gatos, CA 95032 T (408) 710-8248 «Email» «URLs» Value Questionnaire Prepared for: Prepared by: «Fred» «Schenkelberg», «Consultant» June 1, 2010
  2. 2. Value Questionnaire 1 FMS Reliability Value Objective Identify value before and after any reliability task. Think about the difference the work has and the decisions it enables. Reliability VALUE ADDED/ROI QUESTIONAIRE Savings/Impact/Benefit Response 1. Engineering effort saved: a. How long would it have taken your team to undertake the work ESTC pro- vided. Take into account research time and whether you had the skills availa- ble. b. If you did not have the skills availa- ble how many people would have need- ed to be recruited to undertake the work? c. How long would it take for these people to become productive? d. Estimate training cost associated with new personnel. 2.Opportunity Cost a. If engineers from the business had been used to do this work would they have not been able do other product re- lated work. I.e. delivered new func- tions? 3. Material costs: a. Did we avoid or save any direct prod- uct material or test equipment costs? b. If so please identify type and cost.
  3. 3. Name of report 2 «Organization» 4. TTM im- pact: a. Did ESTC help you meet or beat your TTM goals? b. Did ESTC identify any problems which would have impacted your TTM? c. Has the use of ESTC tools/techniques identified issues which would of impacted TTM? d. If the above are applicable please identify type of problems and estimate TTM impact in days/weeks/months. e. If applicable what is the estimated cost of a delay in TTM? f. If applicable what is the opportunity in $ of additional income from an early TTM? 5. TT Volume impact: a. Did ESTC help you accelerate or meet you Time to Volume goals b. If applicable what is the estimated $ impact of avoiding the TTV issues that ESTC identified 6. Risk/cost/ warranty re- duction a. Has the ESTC work directly identi- fied or mitigated a field related problem. b. If so estimate the probable cost of the field problem in $ (i.e. units affected x repair cost) c. Has the ESTC work reduced the probability of field related problems? d. If so give a guide by how much and the estimated cost of avoidance (i.e. Es- timate 1000 units per month failure at $50 each reduced by 5%) e. Has ESTC work provided processes which will reduce the risk of field fail- ures?
  4. 4. Value Questionnaire 3 FMS Reliability 7. TCE: a. Has the ESTC work contributed to the TCE of your product? b. If so identify how? i.e. estimated number of customer calls avoided 8. Indirect Impact: a. What advantages did ESTC provide over an external consultancy? (i.e. time, cost, contractual issues, Intellectual Property, response time) 9. Misc a. Please identify any other benefits or cost savings from using ESTC re- sources.