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Find out what you need to know about free legal questions and answers. Do you need help with your legal situation?

You can learn here on how to get the most out of great tips to solve your legal problem. Learn the best way for you to take advantage of free online legal help by searching for past legal answers or asking your own law question.

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  • Although I agree that Google Search is a large source for legal advice, you have to be really careful to trust online sources. Anyone is able to write anything he wants.
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Legal Questions and Answers

  1. 1. How to Get the Most Out of Your Legal Questions and AnswersFind out what you need to know about free legal questions and answers. Do you need help with yourlegal situation? You can learn here on how to get the most out of great tips to solve your legal problem.Learn the best way for you to take advantage of free online legal help by searching for past legalanswers or asking your own law question.Before spending an arm and a leg on an attorney, spend a few moments to explore this page. Spendinga small amount of time doing some online legal research can go a long way in saving you money.Contents at a Glance 1. Take Advantage of Legal Questions Already Answered 2. Meet People on Legal Forums 3. Google Search is a Gold Mine of Legal Advice 4. Bite the Bullet 5. Finding a Reputable Lawyer 6. Is Your Legal Situation State Specific?Take Advantage of Legal Questions Already AnsweredSearching past free legal answers can possibly lead you to your solution.Deciding to use websites that offer answers to your law questions can be a great resource.The best approach before paying for an answer is to do a little bit of online legal research by lookingthrough questions that have already been asked and answered by a reputable lawyer. Sites such asLawGuru and JustAnswer have a free section that possibly contains a legal answer that solves yourproblem.
  2. 2. Meet People on Legal ForumsParticipate and learn from others in similar situations.If your budget is tight, you can find a good amount of free legal information available on legal forums.You can also possibly find a law forum that has a sense of community about it with the usual visitorshelping out the new visitors.Most legal forums have different categories usually divided by state which makes it easier to findinformation for your region. Do take part in the conversations or even create a new topic or lawquestion. You will be surprised how many people relate to you and share their legal knowledge to helpyou out.Signing up for one of these forums is quite easy and painless. One of the better legal forums available tojoin free is IsItLegalTo.comLegal Questions Answered Online - 7 Tips You Need toKnowGoogle Search is a Gold Mine of Legal AdviceLearn how to use search terms on Google for free legal information.If you are having trouble trying to find your legal answer on forums, give Google a shot. Its actuallyquite simple to narrow down relevant search results for your legal question.Simply input the law topic you have concerns with + "legal blogs" or "law blogs" in the search field. Youwill be pleasantly surprised at the amount of up to date blogs written by attorneys that are available.Many of the lawyer blogs have free valuable knowledge to better help you understand your legaloptions.
  3. 3. Bite the BulletDeciding to pay for your legal answer may be your best option.Is your legal issue just too complex or unique to find a free legal answer for? When all else fails, the nextbest thing is to pay to have your legal questions answered online.Fortunately, the cost to acquire online legal help is very affordable compared to a real worldconsultation with a lawyer. JustAnswer, LawGuru and a few other sites allow you to ask attorneys onlinequestions which usually ends up in a $5 - $20 expense.Not bad especially if you end up with the legal solution to your problem. But before paying for lawquestions, make sure to do the following legal planning.Finding a Reputable LawyerLearn how to find the right attorney.When you are looking for a lawyer to trust to answer your law questions, the first thing you should do isselect the right category. You will then be able to find the most qualified attorneys in that particular fieldof law.Also make sure to review the ratings provided by previous visitors. The law firms that have givensatisfactory legal advice end up getting great reviews from past visitors. This will allow you tocomfortably choose the right lawyer who has been recommended by others to answer your legalquestion.Is Your Legal Situation Specific to Your StateIn order to receive the most accurate answer, find a lawyer in your state.Last but not least, remember that some legal problems are state specific, especially when dealing withlegal forms.Take a few more minutes to find a lawyer who not only has great user reviews but who also practiceslaw in your state. Taking this approach increases the overall quality and accuracy of the legal answerprovided to you.
  4. 4. Link ListLegal Resource SitesLawHubUSA - Personal Injury Search, Legal Q & A, Legal FormsLawGuru Answers - Legal Question and AnswersFindLaw - Find an Attorney, Learn About - Discuss and Understand Legal IssuesLawDepot Legal Forms -Create Your Own Legal Forms and DocumentsJobamatic Legal Jobs - Compare Legal Job OpportunitiesIsItLegalTo - Online Legal ForumDont ForgetTake a look at past online legal questions answered already for free!Disclaimer: The information provided on this document is not legal consulting or legal advice. By usingthis document, you agree LawHubUSA, has no responsibilityover your experience with any legal matter and we will not be held liable. This document is FTCcompliant and contains affiliate links to affiliate programs. We earn a commission when you make apurchase through one of our affiliate links.