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Equoterra: Ethical and Social Marketing


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equoterra is a service to sell ethically through new medias.

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Equoterra: Ethical and Social Marketing

  1. 1. Ethical and Responsible Life Life 2.0 Social and ethical marketing
  2. 2. Producer direct to Consumer within a reputation system. Ethical fair trade.
  3. 3. improve your lifestyle and enhance wellness less quantity more quality
  4. 4. Local support for those who work for our future, delivered in a socially responsible way
  5. 5. increase your social buying power and reputation through social networks like Facebook
  6. 6. Producers donate at least 5% of their income to non-profit social or environmental  initiatives
  7. 7. Thanks! contact me: francesco DOT mondora AT Slide 1- picture: Slide 2 - picture: Slide 4 - picture: Slide 5 - picture: