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Cloud Camp Milan 2009


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Cloud Camp Milan 2009

  1. 1. Milan, 10 September 2009 SLAs: Are Clouds Ready for Primetime? in collaboration with: © 2009 sensible cloud
  2. 2. HOW CAN YOU TRUST A COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT? • an exhausted resource is un-delegable • unlimited poor resources are still poor resources • capacity planning predicts short term loads • low level resources or services should relax a bit © 2008 sensible cloud sensible cloud Confidential -
  3. 3. HOW DO WE PERCEIVE THE CLOUD? • a federated set of heterogeneous resources and services • a reliable computing environment • a resilient system across the internet • a private to public computing space • the whole application stack (from applications to hardware) • you don’t know where or what you’re running on © 2008 sensible cloud sensible cloud Confidential -
  4. 4. HETEROGENOUS SERVICES services are heterogeneous and more generally a service should: • add value in business terms and goals • be available in some combination of Components local, hosted, and in the cloud Application • provide an API to be invoked OS • be able to invoke other services through APIs Virtualization • provide a Service Level Agreement Hardware (SLA) that describes how well it is performing against target © 2008 sensible cloud sensible cloud Confidential -
  5. 5. Application API API SLA Components SLA service federation API SLA OS API Virtualization SLA API SLA Hardware SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT • every service inside a cloud must declare an SLA • SLAs should contain business valuable objectives (not just technical) • an SLA is the measurement of how well the service is performing against target within the cloud • an SLA identifies the runtime ‘health’ of a service • an SLA defines action to be performed when services are stressed or exhausted • services self-federate • intelligent routing within the federation directs to the best service • services are responsible for declaring and providing their service level © 2008 sensible cloud sensible cloud Confidential -
  6. 6. protected cloud internal cloud public cloud INTER-CLOUD SLA BROKER • Agreements between services are managed through a secure intra-, & inter-cloud federation; • SLAs protect and drive the computing model (peer-to- peer computing) directing invocation to the best service provider(s) within the cloud; • When systems overload/relax, business SLAs may be violated and action can be taken (ex. Provision/Un- provision new service on the cloud) © 2008 sensible cloud sensible cloud Confidential -
  7. 7. CONCLUSIONS • Inter-cloud SLA broker ties technology and protocols together • Systems can adapt business needs over trusted relationship • SLAs are the link across clouds that make business sense of the cloud © 2008 sensible cloud sensible cloud Confidential -
  8. 8. THANKS feel free to contact me: or follow me: © 2008 sensible cloud sensible cloud Confidential -