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Tricks, Tools, and Programs for your Farmers Markets


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Tricks, Tools, and Programs, Jaime Moore presents at the Ohio Farmers Market Conference 2014

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Tricks, Tools, and Programs for your Farmers Markets

  1. 1. tips, tricks and tools jaime moore worthington farmers market
  2. 2. tips you are not the first farmers market manager of the first farmers market ever in the world
  3. 3. tips develop a thickskin
  4. 4. tips LISTEN
  5. 5. tips find a method that works for YOU
  6. 6. tips make friends
  7. 7. tips think about your market in terms of years or seasons, not days or weeks
  8. 8. tips market operation charge vendors a fee request things in writing be consistent treat your market as a business put an advisory board together
  9. 9. tricks utilize your off season off season = planning, organizing, strategizing on season = EXECUTION
  10. 10. tricks templates should be complete and ready for sending weekly vendor confirmation emails music confirmations community table confirmation volunteer email in season is about EXECUTION
  11. 11. tricks let others do the work for you “who accepts WIC?” “who has eggs?” “which vendors offer gluten free?” “who accepts senior coupons?”
  12. 12. tricks EXCEL SPREADSHEETS
  13. 13. tricks LISTENING
  14. 14. tools market newsletters educational opportunities event ideas partnerships programming resources
  15. 15. tools state and national organizations farmers market coalition market umbrella michigan farmers market association pennsylvania association for sustainable agriculture sustainable agriculture research and education
  16. 16. tools state and national organizations farmers market management network oeffa ohio department of agriculture
  17. 17. tools management tools manage my market
  18. 18. tools google maps facebook regulatory agencies
  19. 19. thank you jaime moore bexley farmers’ market – dublin farmers’ market – worthington farmers market –