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Farid Mheir Visual Resume


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My professional resume - in a visual format.
I have upudated this recently to be more visual

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Farid Mheir Visual Resume

  1. 1. FARID MHEIR a visual resume (514) 867-7720
  2. 2. For 20 years I have been involved with technology, first in microelectronics, then with Internet eCommerce. I am now an independent consultant, playing interim CTO roles in organizations, small and large alike.
  3. 3. I help business leaders understand technology and put it to use to deliver results. For a large government ministry, my technical audit helped determine investment levels for a 10M$ BPM case management solution.
  4. 4. I try to see through technology and understand its pain points for users. Aligning business and technology is most often the first issue I tackle.
  5. 5. 1996 I AM AN E-COMMERCE PIONEER First release in production of an e-commerce solution for IGA Canada to sell groceries on the web, in 1996. Released similar solutions for Shoprite (USA), Loblaws (Canada), Intermarché (France) and others
  6. 6. E-COMMERCE EXPERIENCE PAYS Selling groceries online is difficult: low margins, 20-40 items per cart, repetitive buys, fulfillment (think “produce” or “ground beef”), etc. If you make it there, you can make it anywhere...
  7. 7. FINANCIAL INDUSTRY As a technology consulting professional, I have been involved with Standard & Poor’s to help put their market research in the hands of financial planners…
  8. 8. …and was laureate for the 2004 Computerworld Smithsonian award.
  9. 9. IT OUTSOURCING With CGI, I spent 3 years as VP Enterprise Architecture with the National Bank of Canada. As part of the management team, my objective was to best deliver the value that IT outsourcing promised.
  10. 10. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING I leverage software engineering frameworks and methodologies, like the Rational Unified Process, to manage projects and deliver them in an iterative fashion. Risks are lowered and progress is more visible.
  11. 11. BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT I bridge business and technology using Business Process Management techniques, tools…
  12. 12. … and reference models.
  13. 13. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE EA is now my specialty. I leverage its frameworks like TOGAF and Zachman, to help define and model SOA and eCommerce solutions.
  14. 14. I often start my work close to the trees…
  15. 15. … and use EA to rise, see the forest and deal with complexity.
  16. 16. I use visual diagrams and images to help make sense of complex issues or large datasets.
  17. 17. MICROELECTRONICS I learned to deal with complexity early on, as a microelectronics engineer. With only 9 months to design microchips containing 10 million + transistors, engineers must deal with complexity head on.
  18. 18. Contact me and we will see how I can help you make sense of it all. (514) 867-7720