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HelpDesk & Customer Support Magento Extension


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This plugin offers advance helpdesk and Magento ticketing solutions. It enforces a standard workflow within any organization to resolve customer’s complaints. Create and manage departments, priorities, auto-responders and much more. Read more at

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HelpDesk & Customer Support Magento Extension

  1. 1. HelpDesk & Customer Support Magento Plugin FMEextensions
  2. 2. Why Should You Buy It? 1.It enforces a standard workflow for customers’ complaint resolution 2.Support Tickets are kept in database which is easy to track 3.Tickets are assigned to specific departments 4.Helpdesk History is maintained 5. Streamlined channel for agent to customer communication 6.Automatic status notifications, auto responders etc. 7.To provide outclass customer service 8.It removes language barriers Continued…
  3. 3. Why Should You Buy It? 9. Tickets are handled by their priority and status 10. Includes built-in knowledge base section for customers and agents 11. Standard reporting and analyses tools to measure the performance 12. Web-based interface, accessable from anywhere 13. Integrated with customer accounts. And much more….
  4. 4. Download & Install To download and install ticketing system, click on below link. Once you have downloaded the plug-in, it includes detailed instructions on installation and usage. Help Desk Magento Module
  5. 5. Configuration 1.Magento Customer Support Extension Configuration 2.Configure Alerts and Notices 3.Create and Manage Departments 4.Create Ticket Priorities 5.Manage Tickets Learn how to configure: Read Step by Step
  6. 6. Backend
  7. 7. Tickets Status
  8. 8. Configurable Autoresponders
  9. 9. Create Custom Ticket Priorities
  10. 10. Create & Manage Departments
  11. 11. Configuration
  12. 12. Configuration
  13. 13. Front-end
  14. 14. User Accounts
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