Successful Content Migration


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migration-center offers the highest degree of automation and transformation capabilities for content migration software available today.

migration-center is a full function, out-of-the-box product for highly automated, large volume content migrations and it is easy to deploy.
The migration-center grants more than 100 out-of-the-box connections from various source to various target systems ,e.g. Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Alfresco, Box, FilesShares etc. Combine them to get the migration path which fits your requirements.

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Successful Content Migration

  1. 1. First in migration technology
  2. 2. migration-center is not only a product but rather a content migration platform which carries out highly automated, large volume migrations without system downtime. It is a 100 % out-of-the-box software, fully documented, easy to deploy and needs no additional programming or scripting effort. The product which is on the market since 2005 has been certified by leading ECM ­platform vendors and has proven its quality in ­hundreds of migration projects around the world, even in highly regulated ­environments. Together with our international partners we offer a global service presence to support you with your migration project or simply train you on our product. Save 60 % in costs and 80 % in project duration time when using migration-center compared to developing your own scripts and frameworks. Accellerating the Digital Transformation migration-center fast-tracks the digital transformation initiatives inside your clients‘ organization through fast and cost efficient proliferation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) which is an important foundation enabling truly digital processes. For the handling of semi-structured and unstructured content, there are ever more occasions when large volume content migrations become mandatory: • Moving existing documents into new ECM applications • Consolidating repositories across the ­enterprise • Archiving and decommissioning legacy systems The business goals of these migration projects can only be fulfilled if documents are correctly tagged and classi- fied in line with a well thought out attribute model. This demands migration software with powerful meta­data mapping and transformation capabilities. At this point superior technology becomes the decisive factor. migration-center – the leading product for content migrations Analyze Organize Transform Validate Correct Import Outstanding Migration Technology A careful look at current products on the market reveals that most do no more than simply importing documents. Any metadata transformation or document reclassifica- tion is either absent or of such rudimentary nature, as to severely limit the scope of your projects or leading to additional programming at prohibitive costs. Independent experts confirm that fme offers today the most highly developed migration software available any- where. An absolute power tool designed to handle any migration challenge with ease, which has the power to efficiently classify information objects through extensible algorithms with no additional programming or scripting effort needed. migration-center guarantees highly automated, large volume document migrations without interrupting any of your normal business operations. Benefit from the predefined migration approach
  3. 3. The Most Outstanding Capabilities Managing large data volumes Input data is analyzed and organized into contextually consistent and manageable data sets. Duplicates are identified and reported. No volume restrictions, high performance document handling. Multiple and parallel set processing, allowing different analysts to work in ­parallel. Mass operations run in the background on ­scalable components. Central migration database migration-center creates a full snapshot of all source ­system information (metadata, folder structure, ­relations, object types, access rights etc.). Transforma- tion operations can thus be defined and created then simulated and tested in real-time without moving any objects to the target system. Successive delta migrations Successive delta scanning of source systems permits migration activities on live data without effecting daily business operations. migration-center automatically picks up any changes to source repositories and integrate them into the migration process. Predefined migration approach The typical migration process consists of certain clearly defined steps. migration-center allows the analyst to ­follow the same six migration phases in each project. This approach is based on best practice principles ­developed over hundreds of migration projects and lowers the learning curve. Adapters for other source or target repositories may be easily developed using the migration-center API. Metadata transformation engine Object attributes (metadata) are transformed through the use of functions. Per attribute an unlimited number of functions may be inserted. The output of one can be used as input to another, allowing highly complex transformation rules. Individual rules for every data set can thus be defined, specifying metadata extraction and transformation as required by the target system, the assignment of folder location, document links and access permissions, relations etc. Real-time simulation and test For each individual set, the migration-center allows the dynamic simulation and testing of all transformation rules before committing content to repository import, including validation against target model, automated or manual error handling, online/offline simulation and roll- back. Full logging and auditing capability are standard. Open connectivity architecture The migration-center grants out-of-the-box connections to EMC Documentum, Alfresco, OpenText and Microsoft SharePoint. The open architecture allows the connection of virtually any source to any target system via the migration-center framework & API. For detailed information on available adapters and target platforms please visit APIincl.JobServerInterface APIincl.JobServerInterface Client Oracle Content Store Custom System (other) SQL Database CSC FirstDoc Alfresco EMC Platform* File Shares IBM Notes / Domino Outlook SharePoint XML / Excel / CSV Custom System (other) Box Alfresco CSC FirstDoc EMC Platform** File Shares OpenText® SharePoint Veeva Vault *EMC Documentum Content Server (D2, DCM,, xCP), eRoom ** EMC Documentum, D2, DCM, Content Server, InfoArchive, xCP, etc.
  4. 4. Application Areas for migration-center Through its enormous flexibility the migration-center may be deployed for a variety of applications and migration scenarios. All this at no risk of system unavailability for the end-user, since the migration is done in parallel without impacting daily business operations. »migration-center enables us to migrate even complex ­document structures in a clean, reliable, and transparent manner. The migration tool fully met our expectations. We stayed on budget, both as regards consulting and develop- ment.« Jean-Claude Olivier, ECM Program Manager at Centre des Technologies de l’Information de l‘Etat (CTIE) Challenges of Content Migration (Use Cases) Migrate Content migration from legacy ECM ­system versions to the current version Content migration from outdated ­client applications to new applications Content ­migration from legacy solu- tions to new ECM solutions Migrate from on-premise to off-premise ­systems Consolidate Help clients to reduce the TCO by consolidating repositories Help clients to consolidate techno­ logies and realize a ­single technology ­strategy Extend Help clients to extend the platform by ­migrating content from file shares to ECM system Help clients to extend the platform by ­migrating content from legacy or third party products to a new ECM platform ­strategy Replace Help clients to initially fill the new system by ­migrating content from file shares to an ECM system Help clients to initially fill the new system by ­migrating content from legacy/third party products to a new ECM platform Archive Decommission ­legacy applications by archiving data to an Enterprise Archive (OAIS) Archive data from multiple systems to an Enterprise Archive (OAIS) Archive emails to an Enterprise Archive (OAIS) Backup and ­recovery repositories Others Managing test data during the imple- mentation of new ECM applications Time scheduled batch import Publish ­documents from an EMC system to multiple systems Reclassification of content objects
  5. 5. Services and Top Partner ­Alliances Even the best tool requires someone to design your target repository model and define the rules for metadata extraction and transformation. Together with our international certified partners we provide highly competent assistance in order to guarantee the success of your projects. Train your own team or get us to do the job We will gladly train your staff in the use of ­migration- center and in the best practice approach when tackling complex migration projects. Depending on the involvement desired, we will assist with migration design, help to define your target model, conduct the actual migration or stand by in an advisory capacity. Specific services available Requirement and planning, project manage- ment, best practices consulting, product training, implementation services, development of custom connectors/adapters if needed. Free Evaluation Copy Available migration-center free evaluation copy is an out-of- the-box software solution, fully documented, easy to deploy, with an excellent graphical user inter- face. It includes all functional capabilities of the full product. The license for your free evaluation copy will be valid for 14 days. Choose one or more from 80+ out-of-the-box connections for various source and target systems like EMC Documentum, Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint or OpenText. Download at Free Meet & Greet Workshop Experience the power and flexibility of migration- center onsite with your whole team in 2-3 days. Convince yourself and let us demonstrate your data working within migration-center before you lease or buy the whole product. We offer free services, you only pay for travel, allowance and accommodation for our migration expert. Your Benefits Save up to 60% in migration project cost • 100+ migration paths for multiple platforms • Automated testing and validation capabilities reduce costs for quality assurance • Simple migration rule configuration reduces costs for change requests dramatically • Supports application decommissioning to save ­maintenance costs Decrease the project duration by up to 80% • Predefined migration approach lowers learning curve • High scalability and delta migration decrease project duration • No downtimes! It works without interrupting daily business operations • Flexible configuration allows to react on change ­requests quickly • Available training, FAQ, end-user support and ­excellent documentation decrease training phase Lower the risk of project failure • Proven in hundreds of projects around the world • Benefit from established best practices • Rule testing and simulation before import, full roll- back supported • Open connectivity architecture allows to extend the platform over time • Flexible pricing model increases cost transparency • High scalability and predictable performance during migration process • Global service presence guarantees project support Increase the quality and assure compliance • Migration validation assures compliance even in highly regulated environments • Secure document import with guaranteed quality • Guaranteed data integrity during migration • Automated migration reduces rework and increases quality • Full auditability of all migration processes Speak to us – we are happy to send you detailed case studies or arrange a reference visit. »After comparing a range of products, we were impressed by the functional richness of migration-center. The ­product has proven to be very flexible and we shall there­fore use it on a permanent basis for the consolidation of large ­document pools.« Bert Köhler, Project Leader at RWE Dea AG
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