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One of the biggest differences, in the Python community, in relation to other communities, is its effort to improve diversity. There is even a Diversity Statement at PSF: “We have created this diversity statement because we believe that a diverse Python community is stronger and more vibrant. A diverse community where people treat each other with respect has more potential contributors and more sources for ideas.” The authors will share experiences on diversity obtained from ten different countries: Namibia, UK, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Canada and Spain. There are other reports that we also would like to share, which are only beautiful stories of how Python reaches the most distant people and places you may never have imagined.
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  1. 1. import community @fmasanori, @KatiaNakamura, @pk_pacheco
  2. 2. Ten different countries
  3. 3. Diversity Statement at PSF (excerpt) “…we believe that a diverse Python community is stronger and more vibrant. A diverse community where people treat each other with respect has more potential contributors and more sources for ideas."
  4. 4. Recent inclusion problems • But you don’t look like a programmer! • Thoughts on my first programming conference Saylor Mercury post
  5. 5. Python is for Girls
  6. 6. Python is for Girls
  7. 7. Guido give attention to everyone at PyCon
  8. 8. Inclusion in numbers • PyCon talks by women: (2011: 1%), (2012: 7%), (2013: 15%), (2014/15: 33%), (2016: 40%) • DjangoCon talks by women: (2015: 33%), (2016: 40%) • DjangoConEu talks by women: 50% • PSF board 2015: 7 women, 4 men • PSF board 2016: 7 women, 4 men
  9. 9. Jessica McKellar
  10. 10. FISL17 PyLadies Track, Friday, July 15
  11. 11. “An entire track with only women speakers...” “...with a twelve year old PyLady (Larissa Oliva)” Photo by Ana Carolina (FISL17) Larissa Talk at FISL17 (portuguese)
  12. 12. She already gave a talk last year with only eleven years old at FISL 16
  13. 13. Manuel Kaufmann and Johanna Sanchez
  14. 14. Argentina en Python
  15. 15. Django Girls Organizers in South America
  16. 16. There is no better recipe to be happy, than to go through your life doing good to the others
  17. 17. PyConUK and PyConJP: Python4Kids
  18. 18. PyConUK and PyConJP: Python4Kids
  19. 19. PyConUK and PyConJP: Python4Kids I'm in the workshop for children with Minecraft, here at PyCon JP. No one wants to leave, even for lunch. "Python is a lot of fun" say the children.
  20. 20. Kids Talks at PyConUK
  21. 21. Friendly conference == More empathy Sometimes we are too serious at the conferences. Participate in a workshop for children helps to not give so much importance to talks and have more empathy with the others.
  22. 22. PyCon Namibia UNAM music team
  23. 23. Python Namibia Society 6. Visiting school (Python for kids) • Teaching primary school kids basic of python • Showing then games designed with python 7. Visiting old age home • Visit our elder and have some good times (laugh, telling story, get advice from then) • Preparing some dinner/breakfast/lunch for then
  24. 24. 50% of attendes were women
  25. 25. Visitors: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, USA and Brazil
  26. 26. “Everyone's different, all are wonderful” PyCon Japan theme for 2016
  27. 27. “Everyone's different, all are wonderful”
  28. 28. Aisha Bello coach at Django Girls Windhoek
  29. 29. Aisha Bello organizer of Django Girls Lagos
  30. 30. Laptops donations
  31. 31. Django Girls Lagos split in four
  32. 32. Speaker at DjangoCon
  33. 33. Co-organizer of first PyCon Nigeria
  34. 34. Paola Katherine : Django Girls Rio de Janeiro Organizer “Every day do something that you fear.” Eleanor Roosevelt
  35. 35. Django Girls EuroPython Organizer “Quem não compartilha não cresce”
  36. 36. Kátia Nakamura Django Girls SJC
  37. 37. Coach at Django Girls Rio de Janeiro
  38. 38. Scholarship DjangoConEu From Django Girls SJC-Brazil to DjangoCon Europe
  39. 39. Organizer Django Girls Brno at PyCon CZ
  40. 40. Carlos Gloria Django Girls SJC
  41. 41. Stop thinking. Start sharing.
  42. 42. Cecilia Tanaka (lawyer) Erika Campos (journalist) Patrícia Simões (phycicist) PyLadies São Paulo Cofounders
  43. 43. Valentine’s Day Workshop for couples (0% of no show)
  44. 44. Some Links • PEP about diversity in pythonist communities (presented in PyConES 2015) • DjangoCon Empathy Duty • How to implement your Code of Conduct? • The Less Obvious Conference Checklist
  45. 45. import community as Nepal
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