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Cisco Icon Library


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Cisco Icon Library

  1. 1. Packet ® Icon Library Current as of February 14, 2002
  2. 2. Packet Icons: Products Cisco Content Distribution Manager (CDM) Cisco Broadband Service Manager Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch Cisco CallManager Cisco Catalyst 5000 Series Workgroup Cisco Centri Firewall Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Router Cisco Catalyst Access Gateway Switch Cisco Cache Engine Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Switch Cisco Catalyst 5500 Series Workgroup Appliance - General ASIC Processor Breakout Box CDDI/FDDI Concentrator Cisco 1000 Series Router Cisco 2600/3600 Series Router Cisco 6705 Integrated Access Device Cisco 6732 Integrated Access Device Cisco 7500 Series Router Cisco 7505 Router Cisco 7507 Router Cisco Aironet Access Point Cisco Catalyst Switch
  3. 3. Packet Icons: Products (Cont.) Cisco Directory Server Cisco Distributed Director Cisco IOS Firewall Cisco IP Phone Cisco IP/VC 3510 Videoconferencing Multipoint Control Unit Cisco SC2200 Signaling Controller Cisco LocalDirector Cisco Metro 1500 Series MAN DWDM Cisco MGX 8260 Media Gateway Cisco ONS 15200 Series Metro DWDM Cisco Hub Cisco uBR910 Series Cable DSU Cisco Universal Gateway Manager Cisco VN 5900 Video Networking System Cisco VN 5902 Video Networking System Database - Relational Cisco VN 2900 Video Networking System DSLAM DWDM Filter Event Manager Firewall DNS Proxy Cisco Route Switch Processor Gateway
  4. 4. Packet Icons: Products (Cont.) Server with Music on Hold Gateway VPN Hub - 100BaseT Optical Transport Device Network Management Appliance Router - ATM IP Phone IP Soft Phone Router - Broadband Interface Processor IBM Cluster Controller/3174 (Desktop Model) Router - Generic Router - with Firewall Router - with NetFlow Server Security System Host - Generic IP Transfer Point Router - Content Router - IP Telephony Router - Storage Router - Voice-Enabled SIP Proxy Server
  5. 5. Packet Icons: Products (Cont.) Switch Switch - ATM Switch - ATM/FastGB Etherswitch Switch - Content Switch - LAN2LAN Switch Router - ATM Virtual Switch Controller Voice-Enabled Communications Server Wireless Transport Switch Router - ATM with Tag Switching Switch - PXF Switch - Multilayer Softswitch - Generic Switch - ISDN
  6. 6. Packet Icons: Miscellaneous Cell Phone Central Site with Access Server PDA File Cabinet Globe Handheld Device Inventory Jet Plane Man - Standing Modem Monitor Man and Woman Cloud Building – with Router Building
  7. 7. Packet Icons: Miscellaneous (Cont.) Refrigerator Scanner Ship Tablet Telecommuter House with Router Television Television - Closed-circuit Truck Video Camera Video Phone Tunnel Set Top Box (STB) Printer Personal Computer Web Browser Weather Station Weather Balloon Web Page Web Server Woman - End User Woman - Sitting