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Talking a bit about founder financing options. Straight from the horse's mouth.

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  1. 1. Argus  Labs  has  built  technology  that  is  capable  to  sense,  understand  and  predict   context,  human  behaviour  and  mood,  based  on  sensors  and  linked  data.       Adver;sing  –  Finance  –  Mobile    
  2. 2. ƒ(time) = cash! Understand why you need extra cash first ! The reasons why you need cash will direct you how/where you will find it You need cash in order to accelerate time or bridge a time gap Find Product-Market Fit – Accelerate Sales – Grow an A Team – Accelerate Marketing “we need some cash fast, because next month we’re toast” ✗
  3. 3. Founder bootstrapped Angel investor funded Government grants 250k EUR! 1,2M EUR! 375k EUR! … kick-starting sales, generating revenue and raising Series A
  4. 4. other ways to stay cash positive! I’ve done bootstrapping and hustling If you didn’t bootstrap, you’re not a founder – beware of over-bootstrapping – Be a pirate, not a cowboy I’ve done sweat equity Ideal situation for co/founders – set ground rules – carry your own weight – beware of founder conflicts I’ve begged Friends, Fools & Family Win-Win Loans, convertible notes and equity – Free Form – manage the relationship I’ve looked at crowd-funding Rather consumer product centric – If you can’t PR you can’t raise
  5. 5. other ways to stay cash positive! I’ve had clients finance my startup phase Still find it a perfect scenario – Hustle – Remain owner of your roadmap or IP I was about to cash-in my pension fund. But didn’t. Very uncommon scenario in Belgium – Doable, but talk to your accountant first I’ve done startup competitions Get some money – Get beaucoup PR – Don’t get overinvested in competitions I’ve never done accelerator / incubator funding You don’t get money, you get branded – might be worthwhile, but vet carefully
  6. 6. other ways to stay cash positive! I once walked into a bank seriously, I did straight loans to finance inventory – I had bad dreams – costly operation I’ve sold receivables and contracts you can sell contracts and invoices – very uncommon – even costlier and riskier I’ve raised money with investors Know your stuff – Start in time – Investors talk – 24hr turnaround – Vet your angel – Stay realistic – Be yourself I’ve collected convertible notes Fast – Cheap – Be certain you will be able to convert at the optimal conditions
  7. 7. but most importantly!
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