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Business Report Writing

Different types of business report writing.

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Business Report Writing

  1. 1. Topic Report Writing • Farooq Mian (113323) • Usman Khalid (113345) • Arwa Aman (113301) • Subject :- Technical & Business Writing • Semester :- Fall 2012
  2. 2. Points  Pattern?  Tone?  Writing Style (Formal/informal)?  Report Function?  Illustrating Report Data?
  3. 3. Pattern Pattern:- Direct
  4. 4. Tone & Writing Style Tone:- Neutral Tone Writing Style:- Formal
  5. 5. Usman
  6. 6. Report Function Informational & Analytical report This report is both informational & analytical because it gives both information and some facts and figures which can be used to check the measures.
  7. 7. As you can see above, these are the two comapanies whose information is collected To make the descion easier in the next slide you’ll see analytical portion.
  8. 8. Arwa
  9. 9. Illustrating Report Data As we can see in report writing we use different tables and comparsions to show difference between two or more things.
  10. 10. At the end they give the conclustion, Recommendations, Implemention and references from where they collected The information and stats.