Finger printing future of mobile advertising


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Finger Printing: The Future of Mobile Advertising presented at VAS India 2011 by Abhay Doshi, Senior Director of Marketing, Flytxt

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  • I am ......Flytxt is the leader in mm&a is a Dutch Firm head Quartered in India with presence in SA & UKFlytxt pioneered mobile marketing Flyt xt has done project such as Cadbury text and Win and orange Wednesday
  • FragmentationPrivacy issueImpression to Impact based measurementSocial network influencersTime critical product placement
  • If we go by current prediction of mobile advertising market will grow from $3b today to anything from $6B to $24B.Everyone agrees it will grow rapidly but size varies drastically amongst forecasters due to bias towards type of advertising on mobile Like SMS+ MMS or App inserts or WAP banners or search.
  • a process specifically designed for the purpose of providing the best possible understanding of every single mobile consumer’s interests, preferences and context based on mobile operator’s data and infrastructure without compromising subscriber privacy and operators IPInformation or insight available with mobile operator is next to perfect.Equivalent to family and in some cases even moreBut it needs to be utilized very carefully by protecting subscriber privacy and operator IPAbstraction of data and utilization of the same in non reversible manner changes the ball game completely
  • Abstracted Tags will basically marry two worlds.Brands and Operators,For example gender of subscriber has no value to operator but is of a high value to brand who want to advertise BikeTargeting criteria that is typically applied for search, display and app-inserts is mostly contextual. targeting like demographics are derived based statistical analysis and algorithms designed for the purpose. The reliability of such data is less compared to targeting criteria which is directly obtained or derived from the actual consumer information available with mobile operators. The level of targeting that is achieved when we bring in the operator owned consumer data and insights are unprecedented and unmatched. But to be able to bring these insights in a scalable manner with models that are reliable needs expertise in mobile advertising and a mature technology. Sample Tags, based onDemographicUsage behaviourInterest Network profileClick or Purchase history
  • Similar trends were followed in history as well. In 2000 mobile SPAM or unsolicited advertising phase started but due to lack of targeting the value of that inventory in India is sub paisa.Later Contextual advertising came into existence and with contextual targeting value of inventory improved due to improved targeting 2011 onwards a new form of superior targeting is coming into existance which willBasically improve relevance to great extend Which will in tern drive the response rates & consumer acceptability.And also will improve Quantity of premium inventoryValue of Inventory is zero or negative if accuracy of targeting is low.
  • SO finger printing can bring lots of value but how do monetize itLets look at the current Situation of Mobile advertising world Ignoring the whole SPAM (SPAM to me is not advertising)Mobile Ad network, WAP and in App Total reach of such advertising is only 200mBut there are 5B mobile customers in the world whom advertisers would want to reachOnly Operators have that kind of reach through multiple touch points in their network,Like SMS, MMS, WAP, App stores, CC portal, CRBT and many moreWhat Mobile Advertising ecosystem needs is an “Ad market place which will connect All brands & Advertisers to All SubscribersAnd that will take current $1B market to $50-100B
  • With such Operator supported or driven Ad market place mobile advertising will grow to $50B by 2015
  • Lets Look at What this numbers Means for IndiaTV: Reach = 60 % of populationPrint: Reach = 35% of population, Radio: Reach = 30% of PopulationOutdoor: Reach = 20%Internet/PC: Reach = 5%Mobile Internet: Reach = 10%SMS is just becoming another Email even though it has high engagement level
  • Fingerprinting will transform not just Mobile advertising but also the way advertising is done today.Unprecedented consumer insight will transform the way advertisers do advertising.
  • Lets look at some examples of what brands could achieved with Fingerprinting
  • Every inventory in this situation is a premium inventory contrary to current situation where 20% of the inventory is premium and rest is axcess inventoriesGadgetBig bazarTanishquematrimonialsDuring my interactio n with advertisers ……They think this been their dream
  • Flytxts’ integrated product suite transforms a mobile operator into an advertising media company. This will unlock the value of the key advertising assets - subscriber data and mobile subscriber touch points – possessed by the operator. Thus, enabling them to play a central role in mobile advertising,
  • Flytxt Neon is the purpose built 3rd generation mobile marketing solution designed to transform operator’s own mobile marketing through increased marketing agility, extreme marketing scalability and 100% tracking and ROI measurement of marketing campaigns.
  • QREDA – our new mobile advertising platform is a platform that is designed to be a game changer for entire value chain. Superior targeting using models beyond contextual through multiple channels & revenue models while taking care of customer experience.Inventory management ande monitization and supeior reporting & billing
  • Along with technology we are also establishing partnerships to support the entire ecosystemFlytxt and partners along with operator can create an ad market place that can transform the mobile advertising for ever.
  • A Quick Recap of value that fingerprinting and our mobile advertising platform QREDA brings
  • Finger printing future of mobile advertising

    1. 1. FingerPrinting- Future of Mobile Advertising<br />
    2. 2. Flytxt at a Glance<br />2<br />Co founder and initial Chair of:<br />
    3. 3. Advertising Megatrends<br />3<br />The Mobile channel best addresses these megatrends if appropriate technology, methods and controls are adopted<br />
    4. 4. Consensus: Mobile Advertising is Poised for a Rapid Growth<br />Disagreement on by how much? Wide variance among forecasts. Biased by the channel focused upon (e.g. search, App insert , SMS or MMS)<br />U.S. Mobile Advertising Forecast 2009-2014<br />CAGR 43%<br />Source: BIA Kelsey<br />4<br />US Mobile Advertising Market Projections<br />
    5. 5. 5<br />Fingerprinting: The Unrecognised Mobile Advertising Element<br />Non reversible Abstraction enables the use of rich subscriber data by advertisers without contravening consumer privacy and operator IP requirements <br />Abstraction creates a new ball game<br />
    6. 6. Fingerprinting: Abstracted Subscriber Tags<br />6<br />Non-Reversible Transformation into Tags<br />Secure, Strict Privacy, Precise Targeting<br />
    7. 7. Fingerprinting – creates value of Inventory<br />Relevance<br />$<br />Response Rates<br />Consumer Acceptability<br />Quantity of valuable ad inventory<br />Value of Ad inventory<br />0<br />Cost of Inventory creation<br />-$<br />Accuracy of Targeting<br />SPAM<br />Contextual <br />Fingerprinting<br />2000<br />2008<br />2011<br />Mobile + Fingerprinting = $$$$$ <br />
    8. 8. advertisers<br />8<br />Mobile Ad Eco-System: Connecting All Brands & Advertisers to All Mobile Subscribers<br />advertisers<br />ad-agencies<br />ad-agencies<br />ad-agencies<br />mobile ad networks<br />Mobile Operator Ad Market Place Manages the<br /> access of advertisers to operator’s inventory <br />and subscriber insights<br />Operator’s Touch points & Content<br />CRBT,<br />Pre-Call,<br />Idle Screen<br />App Stores<br />Mobile Portal<br />Streaming Video…<br />3rd Party publishers<br />Self-Service Portal<br />CC Portal…<br />content owners<br />operators<br />SMS / MMS / USSD<br />ad inventory<br />aggregators<br />operators<br />operators pipe<br />operators pipe (Network, MSC, GGSN/SGSN, SMSC, MMSC, CRBT, WAPG/W, CMS, Streaming, LBS, BSS)<br />mobile subscribers<br />mobile subscribers<br />200 million<br />5 billion subscribers<br />$1Bn  $50 - $100Bn<br />
    9. 9. Growth of Mobile Advertising - Global <br />Mobile Advertising growth rate will increase significantly due to Fingerprinting using abstracted operator data (meta-tags)<br />3.3<br />9<br />
    10. 10. Consumer Reach/Targeting/Engagement Status-- India<br />Mobile +<br />FingerPrinting<br />User engagement level<br />Mobile Internet<br />Internet/PC<br />Print<br />Mobile<br />Radio<br />Outdoor<br />Targeting capability and accuracy<br />
    11. 11. Fingerprinting Transforms Mobile as a Media<br />Targeting = Unprecedented<br />Engagement Level = Very High<br />Mobile +<br />FingerPrinting<br />User engagement level<br />Targeting = No or Low <br />Engagement Level : Low (SPAM)<br />Mobile Internet<br />Internet/PC<br />Print<br />Mobile<br />Radio<br />Outdoor<br />Targeting capability and accuracy<br />
    12. 12. SMS campaigns -- Example<br />Download FREE world cup app for latest updates and win exciting prizes. Click here<br />M.P. tourism offers an exclusive honeymoon package at 20% discount this month. Click Here<br />For real Mumbai fans, get 25% OFF on original Mumbai Indian Jersey<br />QR code<br />
    13. 13. WAP campaign -- Example<br />
    14. 14. Flytxt Product Suite<br />NEON<br />Closed Loop <br />Push Marketing<br />QREDA<br />Universal Mobile Advertising<br />Continuous Insight Engine<br />Connecting All Brands & Advertisers to All Mobile Subscribers<br />Connecting Operator to their own Subscriber<br /> Mobile Marketing OS<br />Flytxt Services with Innovative Business Model Facilitates Mobile Advertising Ecosystem<br /> Data Fusion Engine<br />14<br />
    15. 15. Neon: Complete Mobile Marketing Platform for Operator<br /> Integrated<br />Every Step is automated<br />Telco Systems integrated in real-Time<br /> Usable<br />Single Web Interface<br />Real-Time Reporting<br /> Scalable<br />Central Control<br />Distributed Users<br />Carrier Grade<br />
    16. 16. QREDA: Connecting All Brands & Advertisers to All Mobile Subscribers<br /><ul><li>Behavioral
    17. 17. Predictive
    18. 18. Sociographical
    19. 19. Psychographics
    20. 20. Campaign Analytics
    21. 21. Detailed Billing
    22. 22. Detailed Inventory utilization
    23. 23. Best Inventory Monetization
    24. 24. Inventory Customization
    25. 25. Inventory for all segments
    26. 26. Frequency Capping
    27. 27. Opt-in/Opt-out/Double Opt-in
    28. 28. DND Lists
    29. 29. All Channels
    30. 30. Custom Revenue Model
    31. 31. Detailed Reporting</li></ul>16<br />
    32. 32. Page 17<br />Mobile Operator Ad Market Place Partnership<br />Flytxt<br />Telco grade platform Experience<br />Decade of Mobile Marketing Experience<br />Large Scale Deployment<br /> & MS experience<br />DraftFCB*<br />(IPG Group)<br />OPERATOR<br />Big Brand Handling Experience<br />Creative agency handling experience<br />Consumer expectation insights<br />Inventory<br />Reach <br />Subscriber Data<br />Mobile Operator Ad Market Place Manages the<br /> access of advertisers to operator’s inventory <br />and subscriber insights<br />Brand/Agencies<br />
    33. 33. Value Proposition – for All Key Stakeholders<br /><ul><li>A new revenue source
    34. 34. Better Inventory Monetization
    35. 35. Monetize hitherto unutilized inventory
    36. 36. Key role in Ad Ecosystem – not just “a dumb pipe”
    37. 37. Address the threat from OTT advertising</li></ul>Operator<br /><ul><li>100% Reach to Consumers
    38. 38. 100% Reach to Brands - Big, Medium, Small & Long tail
    39. 39. Precise Targeting, High Relevance
    40. 40. Instant ROI Measurement</li></ul>Advertiser/Ad-Agency<br /><ul><li>Strictly respect privacy issues
    41. 41. Relevant Advertisements
    42. 42. No SPAM</li></ul>Consumer<br />
    43. 43. Thank You<br />19<br />