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With uncompromising integrity, Pointcorp is fast becoming synonymous with innovation in design by demonstrating quality in every aspect of the development process - including location, architecture, construction and investment value. Astute owner-occupiers and investors alike recognise the benefits and potential of a Pointcorp development.

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  1. 1. Why Two-Bedroom Apartments Make a Good Investment Home and Garden Works Inc. Level 1 Oxley House 25 Donkin Street Brisbane, Queensland +611800773779
  2. 2. 2 The rising city of Brisbane is one of the most coveted residential properties in the region and it is not surprising. Expert Predictions Brisbane residential properties are predicted to have the best momentum in price growth, BIS Shrapnel reports citing tight markets and low interest rates have speed up the growth rate of the market. The affordability and the ongoing improvements in the business front of the city enables emerging upturn and support the price growth. This is also true for all Australian cities. However, not every city is undergoing pipeline construction that attracts the interest of various markets, both foreign and local. The median house price in Brisbane is predicted to rise up to 17% by 2017 that represents an average rise of 5.3% per annum.
  3. 3. 3 Two-Bedroom Apartments and the Possibilities Two-bedroom apartments do not seem much, unless it is in the city with the highest predicted upturn. On the side of investors, a property as affordable as this can easily attract a buyer or alessor. It is an easy mode to participate in the city growth without having to shell out a big fortune. For household owners, there is always a big chance of profiting from renting a room. A two- bedroom apartment is usually a good choice if industry experts are asked. Logically, it is much cheaper for two people to rent a more expensive two-bedder as they can split the weekly rent two ways. When an investor with a keen mind and a stout heart decided to contend against the tides of the market, he will most probably feast in the next years given the predictions are true. A good start is finding and securing a property as affordable and as smart as a small apartment.
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