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Gregs BI Presentation


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An high level presentation or the concepts, processes, and tools used to implements a decision support solution.

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Gregs BI Presentation

  1. 1. Developed by: Business Enhancers Inc. Where success is promoted. 360-831-9133 Business Intelligence Components, Concepts, and Processes Business Intelligence, Decision Support & Analytics
  2. 2. Business and Data Capture Analysis Data Modeling Understanding business operations & strategy, as well as data capture & storage is key for designing and querying from relational and dimensional data models.
  3. 3. Analytics and Report Writing
  4. 4. Interactive Dashboards & Scorecards Go to to run demos Flash Required"
  5. 5. Stages in Business Intelligence Stages Insight Questions Asked Objective 1 Do it the way it’s always be done, What just happened None. Analytically or good business sense used. and how do we stop Impaired it, or make it happen again? 2 We know how we are doing What can we do to What is the Localized things, but our current process improve our ROI for a BI Analytics doesn’t support our ability to do it processes? application? better 3 Initiate efforts to integrate data Can we extrapolate Measuring Analytical and analytical technologies. from existing trends? future Aspirations performance 4 Enterprise wide view of BI, and How do we innovate Knowledge Analytical know what’s needed to move to and differentiate? driven company the next level, but not there yet. performance and value 5 Enterprise wide system. Result How do we stay Sustainable Analytical driven strategic advantage. ahead of the game? strategic Competitor What’s possible? performance and value What stage is your company operating at?
  6. 6. SAP Business Objects Enterprise Information Consumers Client Tools Crystal Reports Xcelcius Web Intelligence Intelligent Platform Business Objects Enterprise Group/User/Analytics/Reports Administration Data Access and Row Level Security Supporting Infrastructure Windows Server - Database Server – Internet Server Network Hardware and Software
  7. 7. Path to BI and Reporting Reporting & Analysis Tools | Source Data Integrator Dashboards & Data 1 & Services XI Visualizations 3.0 Business Objects, SAP | On Oracle Demand Warehouse RELATIONAL/ And Real-time Source OLAP - Information Builder (OWB) Data 2 11gR1 Oracle DATAMART/ | DATA WAREHOUSE Drill and Integration Search Services (SSIS) Navigation 2005 Microsoft | Symantec Source Layer Security Data 3 The Universe
  8. 8. DASHBOARDS VS SCORECARDS Scorecard can access the quality of execution whereas dashboards provide tactical guidance. Scorecards inherently measure against goals dashboards need not. Scorecard focus on strategy by monitoring real world execution of a specific strategy. Dashboards focus on operational goals Scorecard – Indicators Dashboard – Indicators KRIs or KPIs KRIs or PIs Call Center Examples Call Center Examples Percentage of issues resolved in a Number of real-time calls in specific time. escalation. Trend of ratios or percentage up or Number of missed calls down. First Call Resolution Rates Traffic light indicator for thresholds. Location/Technology volume Mean follow-up satisfaction survey result. Used dials, gauges, and other visual representations of data. Includes financial information All the measures would normally These measures look over a period of show the current status/state of the time item being monitored at the exact (Monthly or Quarterly), base-lined instant the dashboard is viewed or against refreshed specific goals, either in absolute terms or improvements Vs a prior period
  9. 9. You are the CEO or Owner of your Automobile Intelligence Levels Length of Time. Metric Time Decision after and The Decision Period Business Types of Knowledge Process & Intelligence Measure Owner Strategic Level Yearly KRI Past Miles, rate of depreciation., Long term Measured by Cost or What can be done to Key Results MPG maintenance results of Savings improve savings or Indicator. cost are all your Driving control cost next Repairs high. Adapt to Habits A Scorecard year. eco driving Deprec. habit. Manager Tactical Level Quarterly/Mthly KPI Past and New brakes, Present tires, & fluids Short term Measured by Unexpected event Key changes are results of Dollars and Counts leads budget Performance Fuel cost due in 2k miles. your Driving adjustments. Indicator Speed I’ll start using Habits Scorecard or Cheaper gas, and MPH/ the public Dashboard less driving req. MPG transit system. Driver Operational Level Weekly/Daily/Now PI Present Pull into to service station Immediate Measured by Counts My car went from 0 Performance Engine and check oil, results of to 60 in 5.8 seconds. Indicator Temp tires. Read the your Driving A Dashboard I am driving fast and performance Habits furious RPM manual.
  10. 10. Accurate and Timely Information Delivered from Trusted Application Platforms User Access Portals Business Objects Enterprise Microsoft SharePoint Server Client Tools Xcekcuis Microsoft Dashboard Web Crystal SQL Server’s Manager Intelligence Reports Reporting Performance Services Manager Data Tools Data Integrator Microsoft Universe Designer Analysis Business View Manager Services Relational Database Management Systems Oracle Microsoft’s SQL Server
  11. 11. BI Application in Vertical and Horizontal Industry Markets Market Firm Industry Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 Horizontal Medical Healthcare Radiology Doctor Hospital Supplies Inc. Consultant Vertical Washington Healthcare Doctor’s Receptionist Clinics Computer Office Outlet Law Police Dept 911 Service Homeland Enforcement Center Security Education Principal’s Classroom School office Board In the horizontal market example, the supplier of medical equipment and supplies could use BI with health care providers. In the vertical market example, the computer store could use BI with several industries like Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Education or any company the needs and uses computers.
  12. 12. Resources Business Enhancers Inc. email: admin  Windows Server System Main Website    SAP Business Objects Enterprise Server System Web Site  s/index.epx