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Panamal canal 2013


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Panama Canal via the Coral Princess cruise ship, March 2013

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Panamal canal 2013

  1. 1. The Panama Canal 2013via the Coral Princess
  2. 2. From the Caribbean approach. The French beganthe canal in 1880, but were defeated by diseaseand financial problems.
  3. 3. The United States, in agreement withPanama in 1903, began construction ofthe canal and finished in 1914. Panamatook over full operation in 1999.
  4. 4. Attaching the “mules” which guide and pull the ship through the canal.
  5. 5. Lock is closed and highway bridge is still in place across the canal.
  6. 6. Lock opening to allow ship entry in to the first lock. The highway has been swung
  7. 7. Two large container ships ahead of the Coral Princess in the
  8. 8. “Mules” tightening cables to guide ship through canal
  9. 9. Using gravity flow, the water from theupperlock flows into the lower lock, raising the
  10. 10. Ship in lock, water rising. Check line level on ship & water level (red arrows) with
  11. 11. The dam of the Chagres River which forms Lake
  12. 12. End of locks into Lake Gatun
  13. 13. A ship preparing to leave the last of 3 locks from the Caribbean to Lake
  14. 14. Lake Gatun, 26 meters above sea
  15. 15. Visitors Center for the new canal expansion due to be finished in
  16. 16. Container ship entering locks from Lake Gatun toward the Caribbean
  17. 17. Tug coming to help us into locks at Lake Gatun for return
  18. 18. “Mule” waiting to attach a cable to the Coral
  19. 19. The Coral Princess in the locks on the voyage back from Lake Gatun to the
  20. 20. Dockside at Colón, Panama
  21. 21. Photography byFlying Three Enterprises © 2013