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Wow Checkout These Apps

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below, the iPhone 4 has been out for a couple of weeks now and one ofits main features is the Retina Display. Basically, a super clearscreen which is great for videos, games, YouTube etc. The first wave of developers are starting to release the appswhich are really going to demonstrate how much better this screenis than on iPhone 3GS and older models. Asides from the increased portability, slicker design and multi-task capabilities of the iPhone 4, the retina display screen is thereal wow factor when you show it off to friends and colleagues. Soyou need to load it up with some sweet apps to make them drool atthe crystal clear screen: 1. Paper Toss So simple, so addictive. This game has been around for yearsand as of a few days ago was given a complete overhaul by BackFlipstudios to sexify it for the iPhone 4. The results have to be seento be believed and I dont think the screen shots really do itjustice. It instantly made it one of the best looking apps on myiPhone. 2. Arounder Looking for potential holiday destinations? Maybe you gotdrunk in Milan and didnt get around to any actual sightseeing? Well,Arounder is a cool app that lets you take 360 degree tours ofhundreds of destinations from around the globe. From a deserted
  2. 2. beach in Tahiti to the Sydney Opera House, this app delivers yousome beautiful landmarks and scenery in crystal clear resolution onyour iPhone 4. 3. Lets Golf Lets Golf is one of the top downloaded sports apps and hasnever looked so clear in all its cartoonish glory than on the iPhone 4.Although the developers have not released an official update, it stilllooks fantastic on the iPhone 4 retina display. 4. Sim City Memories of Sim City on the SNES or Sim City 3000 will comeflooding back with this full version of Sim City on your iPhone. Veryplayable and perfectly scaled down with graphics given a decentboost by the iPhone 4, its one of the first apps your friends willwant to see in action when you are showing off your new phone. 5. iMovie For all the Mac users out there familiar with iMovie, its timeto get excited because Apples flagship app has been re designedspecifically for the iPhone OS4 operating system and maintainsmuch of its functionality in the new portable format. The iPhone 4can record in up to 720p definition so with a bit of editing foriMovie, you really can produce some great looking movies. We expect that a lot of apps are currently undergoing a visualoverhaul as we speak and in the first couple of weeks we alreadyhave some stunning looking apps. We anticipate as developersbecome more comfortable with the OS4 operating system, the bestiPhone 4 apps are yet to come. But for now, download the above appsand bask in their visual beauty. (And make some friends jealous
  3. 3. along the way).Hello! My name is Leif Cameo and I am a writer for[]. My interests include new websiteideas, SEO, sports betting, domaining and travelling. Bit of a mixedbag then... :-)Article Source: Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below