This Document Shows My 12 Favorate Apps For Ipad


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This Document Shows My 12 Favorate Apps For Ipad

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below few days I am asked what are the best apps for the iPad andwhat my iPad favorite apps are. In fact, last May, I wrote about My12 Favorite iPad Apps where I called out 12 of the best apps foriPad so I thought Id revisit the list to see if my favorites havechanged. As expected, my top apps for iPad have evolved over time.For example, only three of the twelve iPad apps have remained on mylist for best apps for iPad including Kindle, Zinio and Mail. #12 Starting at #12, iBooks makes the best iPad app list. The oneand only reason iBooks made my iPad apps favorite list is becauseiBooks provides an excellent interface to store and read PDFs. Having used several PDF readers including the popular GoodReaderfor the iPad, I prefer the way iBooks stores the PDFs showing thePDFs cover in the library view and the ability to sync via iTunes orattached to an email that you open and send to the iBooks app andthese features make iBooks one of the best apps on iPad. There are a few features in iBooks I dont use including the factiBooks provides access to Apples iBookstore which allows you todownload and read the latest books and classics. Additionally you canmake notes and highlight passages in your eBook and use AirPrint toprint the PDF with your notes included. #11 My next best app for iPad and latest obsession/time sink isWords for Friends HD. If you have not heard of Word for Friends,you must be the only one! Words with Friends HD is a crosswordgame (think Scrabble) that is socially played against friends with aNewToy Inc account. While there is an iPhone app for Words with
  2. 2. Friends, the larger screen of the iPad allows better vision acrossthe entire board allowing me to smoke my foes! #10 The iPad app on my iPad favorite apps list is one of thebest iPad apps for kids available and my four year old daughtersfavorite iPad app. DressUpBaby provides an intuitive and simpleinterface for my four year old daughter using cute characters andfunky clothes and accessories. I randomly receive outfits emailedfrom my daughter using the camera function on one of her top appsfor iPad. #9 Next on my list of iPad best apps is also one of my iPadproductivity apps. Remoter is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing)client for the iPad that provides the ability to virtually control yourdesktop over the network from your iPad. Ive used the client tocontrol both Windows and Mac machines, but VNC will also work withvarious UNIX flavors. This app has saved me too many times whileIm out but needed something from work making this one of my bestiPad apps. #8 Whistle turns my iPad into a networked conference phonemaking this app high on my best apps for iPad. I use Whistle as aclient for an Asterix PBX, a 3rd party SIP service) that allows me tomake a call from the "office" anywhere that I have an Internetconnection. Whistle provides integration with my Contacts (which issynced with Googles cloud) and with the latest iOS loaded I cancontinue Whistle calls in the background as I continue to use theiPad. Speakerphone works amazingly, but Whistle also supports theApple Headphones allowing you to answer calls with the centerbutton. This app enables business and is one of my top productivityapps for iPad providing a business tool to work virtually. #7 Kindle constantly makes everyones best iPad apps list andis no exception for the Geeks favorite apps for iPad. The Kindle app
  3. 3. provides an easy to use interface and provides access to AmazonsWhispersync service to automatically sync your last page read,bookmarks, notes and highlights across your Kindle devices. TheAmazon Kindle store provides over 800K eBooks at the same priceor better than other eBook retailers. #6 Next on my best apps for the iPad list, Toodledo providesaccess to my cloud-based task manager service and provides easyaccess to my to do list. Apple ranked Toodledo in the top 30 paidiPad apps of all time, and in the top 200 for iPhone - Jan 2011 and isone of my favorite iPad apps and one of my top productivity apps foriPad. #5 Evernote is another cloud-based note service that is one ofmy top productivity apps for iPad and one of the best apps for iPad.The Evernote iPad app provides my primary interface to take andview notes, including voice notes, while Im not in my home office.Evernote then automatically syncs with the cloud-based service soyou can view the notes on the iPad, one of the desktop Evernoteapplications, or the web. The Evernote app was inducted into theApple "App Hall of Fame", on the NY Times "Top 10 Must-HaveApps" list and has been the winner of the Best Mobile App Awardfrom TechCrunch, Mashable and the Webbys and, in my opinion, oneof the best apps on iPad. #4 One of the included apps, the Calendar app, is one of mymost used and therefore one of my iPad favorite apps. The CalendariPad App is laid out well and keeps my schedule straight by syncingwith Googles cloud-based calendar service. #3 If you subscribe to Netflix, you should have one of thebest iPad apps available to access the service with the Netflix app.The app provides access to your Netflix account to instantly watchTV shows and movies streaming from Netflix as part of your Netflix
  4. 4. unlimited membership. I use this app almost nightly to watch TVshows and is one of the best apps on iPad. #2 Zinio is one of my favorite apps for iPad and using Zinio Ireceive all my magazine digitally instead in the mail as the Zinio iPadapp provides thousands of magazine titles with special interactiveand graphical features synced directly to your iPad. I started usingZinio over 5 years ago, and those archived magazines are availablethrough the Zinio app! #1 Ever since getting the iPad, Ive used the device as myprimary means of obtaining most of my work and all of my personalemail using the included Mail App and therefore, Mail is my best iPadapp. The interface is great for a tablet and thanks to the portablenature of the device, the Mail App helps maintain my quest tomaintain a zero inbox.Doug Felteau enjoys blogging about the latest gadgets and anythingtechnology related and maintains a monthly article on Gizmos forGeeks listing the best iPad apps. An avid iPad user since the devicewas released, Doug has integrated the device and apps into hiseveryday life.Article Source: Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below