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I Love The New Cases For Ipad 2 - Check It Out Here


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I Love The New Cases For Ipad 2 - Check It Out Here

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below youre lucky enough to get your hands on the long-awaited iPad 2,you going to want to show your new gadget off! A few manufacturershave designed unique iPad 2 cases that add personality and style toyour iPad. The race is on among iPad case companies to produce new,cutting-edge iPad 2 cases that live up to the hype of the iPad 2. Thisonly means that consumers will benefit! Here are the most uniqueiPad 2 cases released so far.SONIX Travelbook for iPad 2 in Happy Hemp This is one cool, down to earth iPad 2 case. Its a folder/bindercase made out of a hemp material. The inside of the case is line withmicrofiber material, which protects and cleans your iPad 2 screensimultaneously. SONIX has also released this iPad 2 case in avariety of other exterior materials, including suede, leather, feltand lycra. The color selection is not very expansive right now, butthis is a great case at a great price point. The case retails for$39.99.Scosche snapSHIELD Polycarbonate iPad 2 Case Scosche designed this case with simplicity and value in mind. It is atraditional hard plastic shell that protects the back and sides of theiPad 2. The fun feature about this case is that it is currentlyavailable 5 exciting colors: bright pink, aqua blue, purple, smoke(gray) and clear. This iPad 2 case is budget friendly coming in at$29.99.Gecko Gaming Glove Case for iPad 2
  2. 2. Designed by Gecko Gear Australia, this case is an iPad gamersdream, especially now that the iPad 2 boasts the A5 chip! Thisunique case is made out of a silicone material and provides the iPad 2with shock-proof protection. The case is formed in a way that makesit easy to grip, hold and maneuver while playing games on the iPad 2. Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad 2 The C.E.O. Hybrid case for the iPad 2 is just as great as thesame case that was made for the original iPad. Most users love thefact that the case provides ample amount of padded protection, butstill manages to keep a sleek and thin profile. The C.E.O. Hybrid caseis all decked out with other features that make it more than justanother case. It has a hand strap that allows the user to control theiPad more precisely and keep a better grip on it. It is also designedin a way that allows the case to act as a stand with multiple viewingangles. You can even configure the stand to slightly elevate the iPadand use it as a keyboard. These are just a few of the best iPad 2 cases on the market asof now! All of these cases are sure to be a "fashion accessory" foryour new device, while making your iPad even more functional. Youwont be able to find cases that compare to these while keeping theprice down!Article Source: Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below