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Android Vs Apple - Which One Is Best For You


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Android Vs Apple - Which One Is Best For You

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below is a hot debate concerning the Droid vs iPhoneoperating platform. Hopefully youll understand it betterby the end of this article. Which cell phone is better for you when it comes tothe Droid vs iPhone debate? There are many factors toconsider when you are selecting the best cell phone andthe phone that is best for you may not be the one thatworks best for your best friend or family members, soyou need to consider carefully. What is the most important thing in a cell phone? Ifyou are into aps and gadgets, but dont want to get intocustomizing your phone, the iPhone may be the answerfor you. Apple has long been very protective of itsoperating system and that has spurred the "jailbreak"scenario for some people. A phone that is "broken" meansthat it has been hacked to allow the user to customizethe phone. If you are like the majority of the people outthere you dont care about hacking into your phone. Your phone is there to provide a service. Basically ifyou want to surf the web, play with games, work with aps
  2. 2. and, oh yeah, call and text people, you dont need thejailbreak option. The iPhone gives you great service andis very functional and pretty with a large touch screenand widespread connectivity. The newest generation isalso capable of connecting to the 3G network. Some ofthe Droid phones connect to 4G, so that may besomething that concerns you. If you are really into the web and browsing you haveto consider screen size. This has been a matter ofconcern to many iPhone users. The iPhone is smaller. Ithas a 3.5 inch screen compared to a 4.3 inch screen.Sometimes screen size is important. The otherdifference is that the iPhone screen is brighter and hasbetter resolution. That being said You can only zoom somuch and that better definition is still on a smallerscreen. Getting down to numbers, the iPhone is still moreexpensive than most Driod models. The iPhone basicstats are as follows: · 3.7" screen (high resolution)· 3G connectivity· Wifi capable· 8MP camera (rear facing so you can actually seewhat you are getting)· 1080P high definition video
  3. 3. The Droid (in this case, the Droid Bionic) measures uplike this: · 4.3" screen· 3G connectivity (some Droids are 4G)· Wifi capable· HDMI output· 8MP camera· 720HD video recorder· 1Ghz Dual drive processor So there it is. Much of this really comes down to whatyou are looking for in customization. If you want yourphone to fit you and you are somewhat tech savvy (orhave a tech savvy friend) the Droid is probably your bestchoice, unless you are really into shooting pictures andvideo with your phone. The Droid vs iPhone debate will have people coming downon both sides of the issue. There are many features incommon and most people who just want to pick up and goare going to be happy with either choice.For more information on cell phones check out Its about more than the Droid.
  4. 4. I scour the internet looking for information for myclients and followers. Thanks for reading and visiting mysites.Robert BrittArticle Source: Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Below