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Power pix ch1&2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Power pix ch1&2

  1. 1. Phy sics Prompt Question: What is Physics? Answer: Physics is the study of matter and energy and how they interact . Gesture: Pretend to open a book (studying), then make two fists with your hands and then roll them energetically around each other in bicycle motion. Ninth Grade PA Std: 3.2.10.B1
  2. 2. Relative Motion Prompt Question: What is Relative Motion? Answer : Relative motion is movement of an object compared to something else. Gesture: Hold hands out, palms up, and make a “weighing” motion to compare one hand to the other. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  3. 3. Life Science Prompt Question: What is Life Science? Answer : Life Science is the study of living things . It includes biology, zoology, and botany. Gesture: Pretend to open a book (studying) and then put hand on heart and make a “beating” gesture. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  4. 4. Physical Science Prompt Question: What is Physical Science? Answer : The physical sciences study matter that is not alive : geology, astronomy, chemistry & physics Gesture: Pretend to open a book, then make a fist, like a rock. (for lifeless “matter”) Ninth Grade PA Std:
  5. 5. Chem istry Prompt Question: What is Chemistry? Answer : Chemistry is the study of how matter is put together , how atoms combine to form molecules, and molecules combine to make up all kinds of matter. Gesture: Pretend to open a book, then make two fists to represent atoms and stack them on top of each other in a building motion. Then make a sweeping “all” gesture. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  6. 6. Bio logy Prompt Question: What is Biology? Answer : Biology is the study of living things and life processes . Gesture: Pretend to open a book, then make a “growing motion” with your hands. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  7. 7. Fact Prompt Question: What is a Fact? Answer : A Fact is an agreement between observers regarding the same phenomenon. Gesture: Shake hands with yourself. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  8. 8. Law or Principle <ul><li>Prompt Question: What is a Law or Principle? Answer : A Law or Principle is a hypothesis that has been tested over and over and never contradicted. </li></ul>Gesture: Hold both hands palm up, and quickly slap the bottom hand with the back of the top hand several times (“over and over”). Ninth Grade PA Std:
  9. 9. Is the germ theory of disease “just a theory?” Scientific Theory Prompt Question: What is a Scientific Theory? Answer : A Scientific Theory is a collection of facts, laws and well-tested hypotheses used to explain aspects of the natural world Gesture: Hold arms out and make a “gathering in” motion (for “collection”). Ninth Grade PA Std:
  10. 10. Scientific Method Prompt Question: What is Science? Answer : A method of answering theoretical questions. It’s a way of knowing. Gesture: Observation =make “goggles” with hands, Hypothesis =point to head, Experiment =Pretend to pour one test tube into another, Data Analysis =pretend to punch numbers on calculator, Conclusion =Tap head with both hands in “Aha” motion.. Ninth Grade PA Std: 3.2.10.B7 Observation Hypothesis Experiment Data Analysis Conclusion
  11. 11. Hypothesis <ul><li>Prompt Question: What is a Hypothesis? Answer : A scientific Hypothesis is an educated guess , presumed to be correct, that is </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>measurable and can be proven false . </li></ul></ul></ul>Gesture: Point to head (guess) then hold hands apart, palms in (as in “so big” for “measurable). Then shake finger as you would to tell a child “NO!” (as in “false”) Ninth Grade PA Std:
  12. 12. Metric System Prompt Question: What is the Metric System? Answer : The metric system is a measurement method based on the powers of 10. Gesture: Hold open right hand high, up by left shoulder. “Step down” and to the right, saying each prefix as you go. Ninth Grade PA Std: Kilo Hecto Deka Base Unit Deci Centi Milli Length: meters (m) Mass: grams (g) Volume: liters ( l ) Time: seconds/hrs
  13. 13. Dis place ment Prompt Question: What is displacement ? Answer : Displacement is the shortest distance you can travel from one position to another in a given direction.. Gesture: Hold hands apart, palms facing in. Move one hand toward the other in a straight path. Ninth Grade PA Std: Displacement = 120m NE Distance = 200m
  14. 14. Average Speed Prompt Question: What is Average Speed? Answer : Average speed is total distance/total time for any given trip. Gesture: Hold up both hands, palms in, to show distance. Make a slash/divide gesture with one hand, followed by a letter “T” formed by one hand on top of the other. Ninth Grade PA Std 3.2.10.B7
  15. 15. Instantaneous Speed Prompt Question: What is Instant aneous Speed? Answer : Instantaneous speed is an object’s speed at any given instant . Gesture: Clap hands together as you say “instant.” Ninth Grade PA Std:
  16. 16. Which way is the wind blowing? Velo city Prompt Question: What is Velocity? Answer : Velocity is an object’s speed in a given direction. Gesture: Point index finger to the left and “zoom” hand in that direction. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  17. 17. Accele ration Prompt Question: What is Accleration? Answer : Acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes over time. Gesture: Make a “taking off” motion with one hand, like an airplane. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  18. 18. Decele ration Prompt Question: What is Deceleration? Answer : Deceleration is a decrease in speed (will be negative if original direction was positive) Gesture: Pretend to hold a steering wheel while stepping on an imaginary brake with your foot Ninth Grade PA Std:
  19. 19. Gra vity Prompt Question: What is Gravity? Answer : Gravity is an attractive force that exists around all objects with mass. Gesture: Make two fists and bring them together. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  20. 20. Free fall Prompt Question: What is FreeFall? Answer : FreeFall occurs when an object falls under the influence of gravity only . Gesture: Make a falling motion followed by the the gesture for gravity (two fists and bring them together). Ninth Grade PA Std:
  21. 21. Independent Variable Prompt Question: What is an Independent Variable? Answer : The Independent Variable is the one controlled directly by the experimenter . Usually goes on the X-Axis. Gesture: Point up with one index finger, then make a “gameboy control” motion, followed by a horizontal motion (X-axis). Ninth Grade PA Std: X-Axis
  22. 22. Dependent Variable Prompt Question: What is a Dependent Variable? Answer : The Dependent Variable is influenced by the Independent Variable and is measured by the experimenter. Usually goes on the Y-Axis on a graph. Gesture: Cross your index over your middle finger so it “depends” on the middle finger, then make a “measurement” gesture, followed by a vertical motion for Y-axis. Ninth Grade PA Std: Y-Axis
  23. 23. Slope = Rise/Run Prompt Question: What is the slope of a line? Answer : The slope of a line is the change in the y-axis divided by the change in the x-axis, or rise/run. Gesture: Make a vertical motion with one hand, then the divide slash motion, followed by a horizontal motion. Ninth Grade PA Std:
  24. 24. Air Resistance Prompt Question: What is air resistance? Answer : Air resistance is the frictional force of air that slows down a falling object. Gesture: Make a “falling-leaf” gesture with one hand (or both). Ninth Grade PA Std:
  25. 25. Terminal Velocity Prompt Question: What is Terminal Velocity? Answer : Terminal Velocity occurs when air resistance equals the weight of a falling object, and the speed becomes constant. Gesture: Point one index finger up, then push down on it with the other. Make a “balancing scale” motion and then a constant velocity motion downward. Ninth Grade PA Std: