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Internal v External Motivation

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  • Talk about coaching the U11 Storm for the past two year, first with Leah and Mr. Brown and this year just with Mr. Brown. Also mention coaching 8-and-unders at FCC since 6 th grade.
  • Talked to my mom (before I asked her to be my mentor) and she mentioned doing something like this. I also think that coaching is always a good thing to have on both your resume and as a possible job if all else falls through.
  • Although coaching was important to me I also feel that I want to be able to help myself as an athlete. Motivation became a connection between the two.
  • Internal vs External Motivation: thesis!
  • External Motivation: cons
  • External Motivation: pros
  • Achievement Motivation: pros and cons
  • Internal Motivation
  • Coaches as a source of external motivation
  • Coaches as a source of internal motivation and what they should do
  • What my project was supposed to look like, talk about how making a video failed because of weather and such
  • What ended up happening, changing my role from that of a coach to that of an athlete. Helped to make connections to myself and my team
  • Connections to others as well
  • Help to make me a better coach. This is Liz Anne, she is my coach, people from the summer team that I have coached since they were really little (5) and I want to make a difference in their lives as my coaches have made a difference in mine. I want to teach them to love the sport for the sake of the sport, and love the feeling you get when you know there is no way you could have swam or played or ran or whatever any better than you did.
  • Senior Seminar Final

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