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Flyer Spirit Presentation


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James D
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Published in: Technology, Design
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Flyer Spirit Presentation

  1. 1. Flyer Spirit Project Presented by: Coryn Borecky Jimmy Daniels Maureen Fitzgerald Bryan Vedrody Brian Wilgus
  2. 2. get FIRED up FLYERS
  3. 3. Flyer Spirit Website SWOT Strengths  Categories for the gift section  Accurate contact information  Online shopping Weaknesses  Eliminate the “Enter Site Here” on the website.  Introduction page hinders their potential search engine optimization and placement  Overall design is unappealing to the viewer  Difficult to navigate
  4. 4. Flyer Spirit Website SWOT Opportunities  Zoom in or out option on the map  360 degree view of the products Threats  Each piece of apparel fits differently  For the hours given, it does not indicate a.m. or p.m.  Over priced merchandise may deter potential consumers to the UD Bookstore
  5. 5. Schedule to Complete This… Create Facebook page by these step by  step instructions ◦ Necessary to create an advertisement ◦ Increase fan base and customer loyalty Create advertisement by following the  step by step instructions
  6. 6. Facebook Pages
  7. 7. Facebook Pages
  8. 8. Creating a Page
  9. 9. Creating a Page
  10. 10. Creating a Page
  11. 11. Creating a Page
  12. 12. Creating a Page
  13. 13. Creating a Page
  14. 14. Creating a Page
  15. 15. Creating a Page
  16. 16. Facebook Advertisements
  17. 17. Advertisements on the “book”
  18. 18. Advertisements on the “book”
  19. 19. Advertisements on the “book”
  20. 20. Advertisements on the “book”
  21. 21. Advertisements on the “book”
  22. 22. Advertisements on the “book”