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Flyer Spirit- Facebook


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Erin Farrelly
Julie Bennett
Meghan Burke
Eric Dempsey
Mary Orlet
Kaitlin Smith
Sara Stricker

Published in: Education, Technology
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Flyer Spirit- Facebook

  1. 1. Flyer Spirit Facebook Julie Bennett Mary Orlet Meghan Burke Kaitlin Smith Eric Dempsey Sara Stricker Erin Farrelly
  2. 2. Problems with Current Page  Not enough buzz/awareness about page  Only 45 fans out of UD’s entire network  No information about the store on the page  FS does not update page with new sales/promotions  FS is not taking advantage of their opportunity to communicate with prime target market
  3. 3. Recommendations  Create new Facebook page to include:  Pictures  Information about the store  Status updates with store activity  Students, alumni and faculty have the ability to become “friends” with Flyer Spirit  Friends of FS will be able to be constantly updated with any FS news or information
  4. 4. FS Facebook Ad Schedule  Pulsing Strategy  Increased advertising at certain times throughout the year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  5. 5. Steps in Creating a Facebook Page  Step One: Sign up!  Step Two: Fill out your profile information  Step Three: Join a network
  6. 6. Step One: Sign Up!  Sign up at  Verify information through confirmation email to complete registration  Add friends based on your email contacts  *this step was skipped because the email address has no contacts
  7. 7. Step Two: Create your Profile!  Fill in high school, college, and company information  The following information was filled in for Flyer Spirit:  College: University of Dayton  Company: Flyer Spirit
  8. 8. Step Two: Create your Profile!
  9. 9. Step Three: Join a Network!  Network will automatically recommend friends to you based on school, location, company, etc  Flyer Spirit’s networks:  Dayton, Ohio  University of Dayton
  10. 10. Step Three: Join a Network!
  11. 11. Welcome to Facebook!  Facebook homepage contains a mini feed with constant updates on friends  At Facebook you can:  Search for individuals and groups  Invite friends into your network  Update your status  Create events  Lots of other Facebook activities!
  12. 12. Welcome to Facebook!
  13. 13. Welcome to Facebook!
  14. 14. Final Facebook Page
  15. 15. Final Facebook Page
  16. 16. Final Facebook Page
  17. 17. Flyer Spirit Facebook  Flyer Spirit will be able to create events, inviting Facebook friends to participate  Can advertise sales and promotions  Target Market can interact with Flyer Spirit through their Facebook page  Flyer Spirit can now promote directly to their target market in a cost effective way  Pulsing Strategy
  18. 18. Future Projections for Facebook  Use photo album for online catalogue for purchase  Link to the Flyer Spirit website  List job openings  Birthday Promotions for FB friends  Interactive blog between customers through wall posts
  19. 19. Questions??