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Firm Overview


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An ntroduction to Flybridge and our team

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Firm Overview

  2. 2. | PAGE 2 FIRM OVERVIEW Who We Are: Flybridge Capital Partners is a venture capital firm positioned as the preferred company-building partner for the best entrepreneurs at the earliest stages. Our Key Focus: Next generation enterprise software technology startups based primarily in New York City and Boston. Team split equally between both locations. Our Strategy: Investing in software-driven themes across multiple industries Lifecycle Investor with focus on capital-efficient start-ups, $0.5-4M initial investment, $4-8M in aggregate. Provide value-added support through collaborative, hands- strategic guidance plus business development, marketing, and team building. Open, accessible, transparent culture with entrepreneurs as customers. Our Experience: Invested ~ $530 million in 88 companies across four funds during our 12 year history of investing as a team. Our Management: Prior track record at Greylock and success as entrepreneurs of breakout Internet / software companies. Representative Portfolio Companies
  3. 3. | PAGE 3 INVESTMENT TEAM David Aronoff (NYC) Greylock Partners 1996-2005 Chipcom 1989-1995 Bell Labs 1986-1989 Harvard MBA, USC MS, UVM BS Jeff Bussgang (BOS) Upromise 2000-2003 Open Market 1995-2000 BCG 1991-1993 Harvard MBA, Harvard College BA Senior Lecturer, HBS Chip Hazard (BOS) Greylock Partners 1994-2002 Company Assistance 1991-1992 Bain & Company 1989-1991 Harvard MBA, Stanford BA David Galper (TLV) TinyURL, Owner, 2011-present Battery Ventures, EIR Ruckus, Co-Founder, 2002-2006 MIT Sloan MBA, Brandeis BA Victoria Song (NYC) Google [X] Flybridge 2010-12 Harvard MBA, Yale BA
  4. 4. | PAGE 4 David Chang COO, PayPal Media Network Consumer Acquisition Joe Chernov VP Marketing, InsightSquared Content Marketing Daniel Hatkoff Founder, Pitzi Latin America Paul Esdale SVP BD, Open Market Corporate Development Adrian Kunzle SVP Product, Salesforce Cloud Platforms Shereen Shermak VP Product, Curensee Financial Caitlin Strandberg Harvard Business School, Boston Startups WE EXTEND OUT REACH WITH A NETWORK OF CONNECTED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE RESOURCES Flybridge Advisor Network Kenneth Berger Slack, YesGraph, Adobe Tools for Work Sam Peterson Open English BtoC, Marketing, Mobile Paul Blumenfeld Founder, Genero Search Boston Talent Sourcing Bob Freier Founder, Genero Search New York Talent Sourcing Greg Gomer Founder, Streetwise Media Boston Talent Sourcing Sarah Hodges Founder, Boston Talent Sourcing Evan Korth CS Professor, NYU NY Talent Sourcing Rajat Bhargava Co-founder, JumpCloud Talent Sourcing Joel Schwartz EMC Storage, Boston Talent
  5. 5. | PAGE 5 Urban RenewalMassive Data Scale Hardware Revolution Cloud is the New Infrastructure TrendThesesCompanies Developer driven adoption Control plane Machine Intelligence Full stack analytics Brand conscious millennials Civic tech Platform plays Internet of things INVESTMENT THEMES AND EXPERTISE N i b i
  6. 6. | PAGE 6 Seed (60%) Series A (30%) Emerging Winners / Series B (10%) Criteria Strong founder(s), attacking large market, milestone based Strong founding team with differentiated product/market vision Strong team and existing VC support, GA/beta product w/significant pipeline/momentum $ Invested $500K - $1M initial, $4-8M in aggregate 10-15% ownership target $1-3M initial, $4-8M in aggregate 20-30% ownership target $3-6M initial, $4-8M in aggregate 15-25% ownership target Flybridge Role Lead or co-lead Lead or co-lead Lead or co-lead INVESTMENT OVERVIEW
  7. 7. | PAGE 7 • Responsible, committed, helpful board members • Clean term sheets; fair valuations Entrepreneurs as partners • Transparent process: “you know where we stand”Clear, issues-driven due-diligence • Work with talented entrepreneurs to build exceptional and valuable companiesDemand Excellence OPERATING PRINCIPLES
  8. 8. | PAGE 8 SUMMARY Flybridge Capital Partners represents an experienced team that partners with entrepreneurs and provides deep support Flybridge Capital Partners leads or co-leads seed or early stage investment, with a preference for capital-efficient businesses Flybridge Capital Partners builds value through providing experience, perspective and resources to the companies in which we invest
  9. 9. | PAGE 9 We invite you to keep up to date on our firm and portfolio news Read our Blogs • Geek VC: David Aronoff: • Hazard Lights: Chip Hazard: • Seeing Both Sides: Jeff Bussgang: Follow us on Twitter: @flybridge Join our LinkedIn Group: Be our Friend: SUMMARY