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Animal Emotions, (click FULL for better viewing)

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Animal Emotions, (click FULL for better viewing)

  1. 1. Use Mouse to Advance slides Click the dog to start the show
  2. 2. Do you have the feeling that everybody is against you?
  3. 3. And walk all over you?
  4. 4. Are you colleagues grumpy again?
  5. 5. Do you sometimes have the creepy feeling as if you don‘t fit in?
  6. 6. Do you feel somehow watched?
  7. 7. Is your boss always on your case?
  8. 8. Do you feel little and insignificant?
  9. 9. Are there problems on the home front?
  10. 10. Are you tired and listless?
  11. 11. Do you only want to sleep?
  12. 12. Or do you want to eat all day?
  13. 13. Is the water up to your neck?
  14. 14. Do you cling to the last straw?
  15. 15. Do you nostalgically look back to the good old times?
  16. 16. Do you feel pestered?
  17. 17. Or lonely and forsaken?
  18. 18. Sometimes it really feels like howling!
  19. 19. O.k. Now! Cheer up!
  20. 20. Everybody needs a shoulder sometimes!
  21. 21. Sit back, take a deep breath – and relax!
  22. 22. A helping hand quite often is very near!
  23. 23. Remember the affection of those who love you!
  24. 24. If everything fails, eat a cookie – but only one, not the entire box, otherwise you‘ll feel even worse afterwards!
  25. 25. Stay cool even if they laugh at you!
  26. 26. But most importantly: Laugh!
  27. 27. Well, don‘t you feel better already?!
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