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  1. 1. AP World History Religions Test
  2. 2. Scoreboard JeopardyHinduis Buddhis Christiani Compari Judaism Jainism m m ty sons 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500
  3. 3. ScoreboardBack toMenu Rachael Matt Guest
  4. 4. Hinduism ~ 100Unlike many of founder of Hinduism? Who is the the religions we learnedabout intype of few chapters, Hinduism What the past faith do Hindus havedoesn’t have one founder or a central (monotheistic, polytheistic, etc.)?holy figure, it is believed to be acombination of many beliefs andreligions. Hinduism is a monotheistic and ahenotheistic religion; henotheism beingthe belief that their god takes manydifferent forms. Back to Menu
  5. 5. Buddhism ~ 100Who founded Buddhism? Why did this person become a monk?Siddhartha Gautma was once a verypampered man who lived a blissful life,but one day he opened his eyes and sawthat one day he would die and nothingcould change that. He left his family andwandered and meditated. One day he satbeneath a tree until he understood theproblem of suffering and how to Backit. fix to Menu
  6. 6. Judaism ~ 100Hebrews created the monotheistic Who created Judaism?faith who saw their god Yahweh as all powerful. Back to Menu
  7. 7. Christianity ~ 100 Who is the founder of Jesus Christianity? Back to Menu
  8. 8. Jainism ~ 100Who founded Jainism? Vardhamana Mahavara Back to Menu
  9. 9. Comparisons ~ 100
  10. 10. Question - 100 While the Hindus supported the caste The topic of this video was the system and believed everyone held acaste systems. Compare Buddhism position that contributed to society, Buddhists believed that in order to and Hinduism views of the caste reach nirvana, you’d have to give up systems. your desires and worldly possessions, which basically meant caste systems weren’t important. Back to
  11. 11. Hinduism ~ 200Mahbhantu and Ramayana are stories thatWho or what is support many of the go along with and Mahbhantu? What about Ramayana? Hindus beliefs. Mahbhantu is a war story while Ramayana is a love story. What is the Bhagavad Gita?The Bhagavad Gita is a collection of short poetic works. Back to Menu
  12. 12. Buddhism ~ 200What are the four nobleall is The Four Noble truths are: truths? What is the eight-fold your suffering, you end can end path?suffering, you must remove desires, and you must follow the Eight-Fold Path.The Eight-Fold Path is right views, right intensions, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effect, right thoughts, and right concentration will you to nirvana. Back to Menu
  13. 13. Judaism ~ 200Judaism is considered to be the Monotheistic faith first what? Back to Menu
  14. 14. Christianity ~ 200When Christianity was illegal or Afrowned upon, a symbol word fish. In Latin each letter of the was fish spelt meant something close to “I used soalso believe in Jesus” other people could letpeople know, in secret, that theybelieved in Christianity. What was the symbol? Back to Menu
  15. 15. Jainism ~ 200Many people of Jainism beliefs They didn’t agree with the castedidn’t agree with what part of systems. India’s society? Back to Menu
  16. 16. Comparisons ~ 200
  17. 17. Question - 200 Compare Boddahastvas andBoth were believed to help followersof the their particular religion make it Christian their afterlife. Boddahastvas wereBuddhists who’d reached nirvana, butpaused their entry to help other reachnirvana. Christian saints told rightfrom wrong. Back to Menu
  18. 18. Hinduism ~ 300Dharma – You must meet the Caste Hinduism was based on fourrequirements.Artha – Youbeliefs. Nameor some way major must have a job them and summarize support yourself.Kama – You can and should enjoy social,physical, and sexual pleasure.Moksha – The Salvation of the soul Back to Menu
  19. 19. Buddhism ~ 300WhoBoddhastvas were people who’d were boddhastvas and what reached the state of Nirvana, but didentrance into it so they delayed their they do?could help other reach it too. They were basically saints. Back to Menu
  20. 20. Judaism ~ 300The Jewish faith is know for creating The Jewish faith reads the Torah, is and believing in the Old Testament. What is the more common Ten know for creating the term for Commandments, and celebrate theirtheir holy book? What is one part of faith on Saturdays. they bible they are known for contributing? Back to Menu
  21. 21. Christianity ~ 300 Christians focus of the New Testament What part on the bible doChristiansretells talesWhen is their because it focus on? of Jesus’s life. Their holy day is Sunday. They holy day? Where they branched from Judaism, and like them monotheistic monotheistic. they are or polytheistic? What religion did they branch from? Back to Menu
  22. 22. Jainism ~ 300 What was Jainism a branch of?Jainism is stricter branch of Hinduism Back to Menu
  23. 23. Comparisons ~ 300 All religions (at least the onesHow are all religions similar? from this section) have one thing in common. They might have different names for it, but they all revolve around the idea that if you are a good person and do as you should and everyone else is good and does as they should, the world would be a better place and their god(s) would be please. Back to Menu
  24. 24. Hinduism ~ 400 Many rulers believed in andMany rulers believed in and promotedHinduism because it supported the Caste promoted Hinduism. Why?system. Also it wasn’t a very demanding religion like Jainism, so it was easy to follow. Back to Menu
  25. 25. Buddhism ~ 400 Who did Buddhism appeal to? Buddhism appealed to people of lowercastes because it was anti-social classes. Why? an emperorAshoka? in Ashoka was Who was who believeBuddhism, please note, he did not force isreligion on to his people, but he did help fund a lot of Buddhist projects and a spent a great deal working with his religion. Back to Menu
  26. 26. Judaism ~ 400 Judaism moved from ________ tothe US, then Israel,to _________ post Europe, back Word War II _____. Back to Menu
  27. 27. Christianity ~ 400Jesus was the poor guy who claimed to Why of God. He preached mainlybe the son was Jesus crucified?of changing the Roman government.Officials didn’t support his ideas andkilled him to silence him and stop hisidea’s from spreading. Ultimately afterhis death, he had even more of animpact, people referred to him asChrist and worshiped him. Back to Menu
  28. 28. Jainism ~ 400Jainism wasn’t very popular becauseof how strict and time consuming it Why wasn’t Jainism verywas. Many of the monks would sweeppopular?before they walk, strainthe ground What did the people who believed in Jainism do?their water, wear masks, follow andextremely strict diet, and avoidsudden movements because theybelieve everything had a soul andthey didn’t want to harm anythingthat could be on the ground, in theair, in their food, or in the water.Because of all that some people Back towouldn’t believe in Jainism andMenu some
  29. 29. Comparisons ~ 400Compareis a branch of Hinduism. Jainism Hinduism and Jainism. Jainism is very strict compared to Hinduism. Back to Menu
  30. 30. Hinduism ~ 500HinduismreligionBuddhism What replaces does Hinduismgradually as the Guptas take replace in India?control of India’s government. Back to Menu
  31. 31. Buddhism ~ 500Nalanda was onewas Nalanda? What of the first educationalcenters. It taught lesson based on Buddhistbeliefs and ideals. This center, along witha few other help spread Buddhism tomany new people. Back to Menu
  32. 32. Judaism ~ 500 What do people of Jewish faithThey believe that God’s commandants believe? should be obeyed at all times. Back to Menu
  33. 33. Christianity ~ 500Paul Tarsus was a Jew who preached Who was Paul Tarsus? in eastern Greece and Rome; hispreaching attracted a high number ofurban masses. One day Paul went off to Rome to attempt to convert people, after about two years, the Emperor tired of him and had him executed. Back to Menu
  34. 34. Jainism ~ 500 Name one Luther King Jr. and that Martian famous personusedGandhi were both for their Jainism values and ideas to nonviolent protests and overall protest. nonviolent lifestyles. For one hundred extra credit points: Name one more. Back to Menu
  35. 35. Comparisons ~ 500 Compare Judaism and Christianity. Christianity is a branch of Judaism. Both believe that there is only oneGod. They differ when it comes to their meshia, Christians believe it is Jesuswhile Jews believe he had yet to come. Back to Menu