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  • Great quiz,missed some,cheers.
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  1. Quiz PowerPoint Show by Andrew
  2. If you've seen "The Godfather" more than once like I have, then this quiz should be easy. Good Luck.
  3. What does Vito Corleone have on his lap in the opening scene of the movie? Laptop Puppy Cat
  4. Who is the only non-Sicilian in the Corleone family? Paulie Gatto Tom Hagen Luca Brasi
  5. In the beginning of the movie, which Corleone sibling is getting married? Sonny Michael Connie
  6. What is the name of the singer who sings "I Have But One Heart" at the wedding? Dean Martin Frank Sinatra Al Martino
  7. What is the name of Michael's American girlfriend? Kate Lucy Kay
  8. Where is Michael to be picked up by Sollozzo and driven to a secret meeting place? Louis' Clemenza's Jack Dempsey's
  9. Who is not a head of one of the 5 families? Brasi Tattalia Barzini
  10. Who betrays Sonny to Barzini? Tessio Corleone Member Carlo Connie's Husband Paulie The Chauffeur
  11. What are the names of the three blood-related Corleone sons? Fredo, Michael, Santomino Fredo, Michael, Santino Michael, Santino, Frederico
  12. What does Michael drop when running to the phone booth after his dad was shot? His Hat His Car Keys Newspaper
  13. Where does Vito Corleone die? In The Hospital His Tomato Garden His Flower Garden
  14. What is Tom Hagen's heritage? German and Irish Irish and Italian German
  15. Michael gives Appolonia an engagement gift at her father's house. What was it? Gold Necklace Gold Bracelet Gold Earrings
  16. "Leave the gun - take the Cannolis." Who said this? Tessio Clemenza Paulie
  17. "Can you get me off the hook, Tom, for old time sake." Who said this? Tessio Carlo Paulie
  18. Connie Corleone, played by Talia Shire, is the real life sister of who? Francis Ford Coppola Robert Duvall James Caan
  19. Sollozzo, "The Turk", is supposed to be good with what weapon? Machine Gun A Knife A Rope
  20. What does Michael's wife in Italy want him to teach her? American Slang Speak English To Drive a Car
  21. How many times was Vito Corleone shot by assassins? 6 4 5
  22. What was in the package that signified Luca Brasi was dead? Bulletproof Vest and Fish Finger and Fish Ear and Fish
  23. When Clemenza is showing Michael how to make spaghetti sauce, which of these is NOT an ingredient he tells him to use? Wine Butter Sugar
  24. The last scene of the movie shows Michael accepting kisses on his hand. Of the people in the room with him, which one calls him "Don Corleone", for the last line of the movie? Rocco Clemenza Tom Hagen
  25. II Quiz
  26. If "The Godfather I" was too easy, this one will be tougher. Good Luck.
  27. What was Vito's last name when he was a boy in Sicily? Ciccio Andolini Mandolini
  28. What disease does young Vito have when he arrives at Ellis Island? Chicken Pox German Measles Small Pox
  29. When we first see Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone, what year is it? 1919 1915 1917
  30. Genco informs Vito that this person is with the "Black Hand". Ciccio Abbandando Fanucci
  31. Michael tells Hyman Roth that this person had tried to have him killed. Frank Pentangeli Johnny Ola Carmine Rosato
  32. Who did Hyman Roth run molasses into Canada with and made a killing during Prohibition? Vito Corleone Moe Green Johnny Ola
  33. How much money does Fanucci want from Vito and his friends, as a sign of respect? $150 each $100 each $200 each
  34. Which of these characters was NOT murdered in the movie? Hyman Roth Fredo Corleone Frank Pentangeli
  35. Peter Clemenza asks Vito (De Niro) to hide a package for him. What's in it? Money Drugs Guns
  36. The day he is forced out of his job (since Fanucci demands that his nephew be given the job instead), Vito brings home to his wife a piece of produce that she enjoys very much. What is it? Orange Pear Apple
  37. What is the very first illegal act that Vito Corleone commits in America? Steals a Rug Kills Fanucci Steals Fruit
  38. During the meeting of contributors and politicos in Cuba, a token of friendship made of solid gold is passed around the table. What is it? Telephone Statuette Gun
  39. Fredo arrives in Cuba with a suitcase full of money. How much was in the case? $1 Million $2 Million $3 Million
  40. Flashing back to young Vito (Robert De Niro) in New York: Which of his sons is stricken with pneumonia? Michael Fredo Sonny
  41. Who is the last family member Fredo speaks to before he is murdered? His Sister Connie His Nephew Anthony Michael
  42. Frank Pentangeli commits suicide while in FBI custody. Who suggested that he take this course of action? Tom Hagen Willy Cicci Michael
  43. What card game were the FBI agents preparing to play when Pentangeli slit his wrists? Poker Gin Hearts
  44. What is Fredo's secret to catching fish? Magic Live Bait Hail Mary