Engine and Component Management


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Engine and Component Management

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Engine and Component Management

  2. 2. ° @ ususon Aircraft Mitosewices 7 Base rnairitananoo Line maintenance Parts 3 co-monents support Military aircraft component support Engine rrianageiiieni mining gear and APU mariageiiieiit riiu alraait engiiieenng Ti-clinical training and oansiiloiig Logistiis a distribution Nib. ’ 1'. --in 'C*I’~| **ll*' II I ll[I" ": V'r: l“2‘I Part of Avia Solutions Group locatory Aviation supply chain IT solutions we Inventory a service locator Market analytics tool supplier iiianagem-ant tool Inventory publishing tool Aviation training A! ) initia pilot aria rielicooter cvt training Cadet programs Type rating lrainlng Aviation management aariielors studies Cabin crew training croixio handllng training MRO salutmm tar as werators ‘ll Private Jet Charter Flights 3 Aircraft management - ausinoss diarter - Aircraft Management Aviation personnel resourcing solutions - Sllortu. -rm reaultrnent Solutions - Lorlgterm remntment solutions - Aviation job search portal BGS 1 ~- Ground handling I1 fuelling services Paasengu handling Airoralt nanaling Fueling Catering Airport terminal engineering - ilazamoia lreigrit 5 Ailasoln_itoni_oroop Airport Management - Arman cuiistmcnon o developrnent - launch or airport sennces - Airport management
  3. 3. 0 H. TECHN| CS ENGINE AND COMPONBW MANAGEMENT About FL Technics ONE STOP SHOP MRO SOLUTIONS PROVIDER, A LOCAL FIRST CHOICE ALTERNATIVE TO GLOBAL MRO BRANDS 0 20 years of experience, almost 0 Hangars in Lithuania, Russia - EASA Part-145, Part-M, Part-147, 1000 professionals Part-21 certified company, FAA, 0 Extensive network of Line Russia, Gulf, etc. approvals 0 Boeing Edge/ GoldCare partner Maintenance support across Europe, Asia Pacific and the CIS - Certified in accordance with ISO 0 Part of Avia Solutions Group, a 9001:2008 - The International WSE listed aviation company - Offices in Lithuania, Russia, the Standard for Quality Management United Kingdom, Poland, Italy Systems and Malaysia © I usnan my-i no ’HI»ll7.I'Hl'I| ciia-ataivoovi
  4. 4. 0 H. TECHN| CS ENGINE AND COMPONENT IANl§IEINT Engine and Component Management 0 Aircraft capabilities: Boeing 727, Boeing 737 CL/ NG, Boeing 747/ 757/ 767/ 777/ 787, Airbus A320 Family, Airbus A300/ 310/ 330/ 340/ 380, Bombardier CRJ 100/200, ATR 42/72, Embraer 135/145 and other 0 One-stop-shop engine and component management services . Engine capabilities: CFM56, CF6, PW 2000, PW 4000, V2500, CF34, Rolls Royce RB211 Leading partners worldwide, including Ametek MRO, Heico, Seal Dynamics and JatTehnika jat-fefi‘nT(a SI? rl. I))'N: .llCS . llrlrll . . ME'I'EK' I-IIEICIJ
  5. 5. !, F]{rI». _|. r|[. " Ito Integrated Engine, APU and Landing Gear Solutions 0 Engines, APU and Landing Gear 0 Asset and material management - Repair and overhaul management support during scheduled Base and Line maintenance 0 Short and long-teml lease of spare - Engine parts, QEC/ LRU AOG support engines and components 0 Spare parts, modules and 0 Engineering support and component supply 0 Exchange and outright sale technical consulting ‘. 42 J all, j A . .' ‘ J] I I ‘:33’-‘r ' I , . »' in : alafiM . , X ---- -—: :—» ‘I: l—l_l_lV-
  6. 6. 0 H. TECHN| CS ENGINE AND COMPONENT IANM'iEME'NT Facts & Figures 12 X CFM56—3 ENGINE LEASE 8 X ENGINE SALE AND EXCHANGE 60 X ENGINE REPAIR CASES (CFM56—3, (7 ENGINES ARE CURRENTLY LEASED) CFM56-7B, CF34-3) Engine utilization and thrust - Search for exchange engines - Engine repairs based on management 0 Engine rebuild from own Power-By-the-Hour programs Aircraft configuration and Shop engine inventory - Evaluation of future engine utilization Visit planning - Purchase of customers’ BER engines options (repair, lease, sale or teardown) Financial and redelivery terms negotiation and management 17 X CFMI/ GE ENGINE TEARDOWNS , // “* (CF34-3, CFM56—3, CFM56-5A) 30 X CFMI/ GE ENGINE SHOP VISIT MATERIAL PROVISION SUPPORT (CF34-3, CFM56—3, CFM56-5A, CFM56-5B7B) Teardown facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia
  7. 7. 0 H. TECHN| CS ENGINE AND COMPONENT IANACIMENT Engine & Component Management TYPICAL SHOP VlS| T FL TECHNICS SOLUTION ‘$2’ 10% REPAIR 20% REPAIR 15% LABOUR 20% LABOUR 75% MATERIAL: Q 75,, 60% MATERIAL: Ngw magma. 75% 25% ° OHC material 75% NEW material 25% OHC material 25% v v
  8. 8. SHOP VISIT COST 100% Engine & Component Management -10% More usage of OHC material (from -10% up to -15%, or even more) a-15% , i , A, i I I -5% ; 1, -5% -2% Workscope Labour and repairs engineering (up to -5%) (up to -5%) Optimum choice _ _ _ 1’ai| ored / of the shop for Invoice review Advances repairs optimum WS specific WS (up to -5%) (up to -2%) AVERAGE ENGINE SHOP VISIT TOTAL COST 32% E C) ‘I TOTAL COST REDUCTION or THE SHOP VISITS UP TO 32%
  9. 9. Engine Lease & Asset Management 0 Short term engine leasing — utilization from one month till one year to support customers’ shop visits 0 Long term engine leasing - utilization for more then one year 0 to support customers’ spare engine programs 0 Total Technical Support during the lease period and redelivery FL TECHNICS IS NOT A LEASING COMPANY WE RENDER ENGINE LEASE SOLUTIONS UNDER MRO SERVICES
  10. 10. 0 H. TECHN| CS ENGINE AND CDHPONDIT IANMIMENT Why FL Technics? EXPERIENCED TEAM EASTERN EUROPE & OF ENGINE EXPERTS CIS MARKET EXPERTS o 20 years of engine management services - Strong communication with over 0 More than 500 engine shop visits 100 customers, partners and other 0 Implementation of cost-saving solutions: local players - Profound expertise of specific 0 WS optimization needs of the region 0 DER and PMA solutions - Render of optimal engine solutions 0 Utilization of surplus material, and finance models BER control - Contract terms negotiation with 0 Engine exchange, regard to EASA/ FAA and local sale-back-lease deals market specific requirements
  11. 11. 0 H. TECHN| CS ENGINE ANI7 COMPONBIT IAANM'iJAE'NT Why FL Technics? INDEPENDENT ONE-STOP—SHOP MRO SOLUTIONS 0 We are not affiliated with any OEM, material supplier or repair vendor INTEGRATED ENGINE LEASE SOLUTIONS no wr —. ~4>. --. - Engine trend condition monitoring, predictions and corrective actions of abnormal EGT deterioration, troubleshooting 0 Engine removal/ installation, engine stand provision, QEC / LRU configuration, on-wing repairs, water wash 0 Engine QEC/ LRU, consumables provision on both routine or AOG basis GLOBAL AIRCRAFT AND ENGINE INVENTORY - Up to 15 aircraft tear downs per year 0 Partnership with more than 100 global spare parts partners 0 Search and acquisition of exhausted engines at fair market prices thus ensuring guaranteed residual values of assets
  12. 12. Thank You! Laura Michalkevic , Senior Vice President — Engine and Component Management Department Landing Gear Solutions Development Mob. +370 630 09530 Email: laura. michalkevic@fltechnics. com FL Technics T: +370 (5) 252 5015 | F: +370 (5) 252 5646 | E: info@fltechnics. com Correspondence address: Rodunios str. 18, LT-02188 Vilnius, Lithuania AOG Support Line 24/7 | T. + 370 (5) 277 0011 | E: aog@fltechnics. com , /f