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What's happening in china


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Weekly News from Class 60

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What's happening in china

  1. 1. Whats happening in China 5.7-magnitude quake jolts border area of Yunnan and Guizhou
  2. 2. • Eighty people have been confirmed dead as of Saturday noon following multiple earthquakes that struck southwest China‘s Yunnan Province on Friday• The death toll may climb further, as the quakes have seriously damaged telecommunications and traffic infrastructure, making it difficult to collect information.• More than 200,000 people in Yunnan were relocated as more than 6,600 houses collapsed and another 430,000 damaged. Direct economic losses were estimated at 3.5 billion yuan.• In Guizhou, two people had been reported injured as of 1 a.m. Saturday, with more than 11,700 houses damaged• Premier Wen Jiabao arrived at the quake zone early Saturday, stressing that efforts to save lives should come first to minimize casualties.
  3. 3. • Photo taken on Sept. 7, 2012 shows a damaged house in Xinlong Village of Weining County, southwest Chinas Guizhou Province. A 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit the border area of Yiliang County of Yunnan and Weining County of Guizhou Province at 11:19 a.m. Some 6,300 people were afflicted and more than 1,540 houses were damaged till 5 p.m. Friday.
  4. 4. entertainment• Actress Zhao Wei poses during the red carpet of the movie "Linhas de Wellington" at the 69th Venice Film Festival September 4, 2012.
  5. 5. • Singer Taylor Swift arrives for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, September 6, 2012.
  6. 6. rolling news• A contestant takes aim during the European Open Championship(锦标赛) of Horseback Archery(箭术) in Veroce.The 5th European Championship of Horseback Archery was held there from Aug. 29 to Sept. 2.
  7. 7. • In order to distinguish(区分) the four boys ,the quadruplets(四胞胎) in Shen Zhen ,their parents gave them a special hair cut.
  8. 8. • The Canadian protesters (示威者) use Donuts (甜甜圈)to Lure (引诱)the Police.
  9. 9. Thank you for your listening