Capgemini Metal and Mining Point of View


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Capgemini Metal and Mining Sector Point of View

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Capgemini Metal and Mining Point of View

  1. 1. Manufacturing the way we do itCapgemini’s Metals andMining PracticeCapgemini and the World’s Leading Metals andMining Companies Collaborate to Enable Changethrough Insight and TechnologyChallenges Facing the Industry resulting in severe financial pressure.After the economic downturn, which Improving energy efficiency andled to a sharp decrease in demand capacity utilization remain amongacross the globe, the metals and the top challenges for metals andmining industry is again seeing mining companies.growth and is expected to reach ■ Uncertainty in the Business$2.06 trillion by 2012. Developing Environment: Though the globaleconomies like China and India will economy is hinting at recovery,play a significant role in this future volatility in prices and the timegrowth, and as in the past, iron and frame of the recovery have createdsteel will most likely claim the largest uncertainty in the industry. Theshare of the industry. developing economies of China and India are driving growth, but theBut in spite of the encouraging signals business environment still remainsit is advisable to remain cautious. The unsettled even in these economies.economic slowdown has created and ■ Changing Demand Profiles: Theexacerbated various challenges for the nature of economic recovery isindustry – which consequently leads leading to the realignment into new opportunities and strategies to demand of metals and miningcope with them: commodities.■ Declining Financial Health: The slowdown led to a decrease in demand for metals and mining commodities
  2. 2. Companies Focus on Capgemini in Metals and Mining Operational Efficiency, Capgemini is helping metals and mining Managing Uncertainty and companies make the necessary changes Changing Customer Demands to shift their focus and address today’s Post-recession, the focus of top challenges. We draw on our management has shifted from experience of working with many of business expansion to operational the worlds largest metals and mining efficiency. This includes an emphasis companies to help businesses develop on improving process efficiency, successful leadership strategies and restructuring and cost cutting, supply optimize their operations. Our chain management excellence and industry solutions include Lean divestment of non-core operations. Transformation, One Manufacturer and Application Lifecycle Services At the same time, metals and mining (compare figure below). companies will look to manage the current business uncertainty through NOVELIS Foil France Entrusts initiatives such as joint ventures, Capgemini with the horizontal integration across the value Maintenance and Enhancement chain, risk management and of its SAP ERP System diversifying their customer base. They The Situation will also need to adapt to changing Until the end of 2008, NOVELIS customer demands through a more outsourced its applications maintenance dynamic product mix, increased focus to an international support center. on new and emerging markets, and The distance and language barriers more geographically diversified global made it more complex to communicate operations. clear statements of requirements for Capgemini Capabilities, Across its Consulting, Technology, and Outsourcing Services, Address Key Focus Areas of the Metals and Mining Industry Lean Transformation Post Merger Integration Achieving Finance and Employee Transformation Operational Consulting Supply Chain Management Excellence Services Location Analysis Program Management Office (PMO) Green & Sustainability Accelerate Solutions Environment (ASE ) Enterprise Application Implementation Application Upgrades & Platform Migration Enterprise Integration Managing ONE-Manufacturing (platform & process Business standardization, harmonization) Technology Uncertainty Services Supply Chain Integration / B2B portals Application Life-cycle Management BAC / Enterprise Architecture RApid INnovation Framework (RAIN) Green IT Application Management Infrastructure Management: Network Adapting to Outsourcing Management, Distributed & Desktop Changing Services Computer Services, Data Centre Services Demands BPO: Shared Service Center, Finance & Accounting, HR, Data Administration2
  3. 3. Manufacturing the way we do itenhancements to the NOVELIS SAP to develop a real intimacy with thesystem to adapt it to changing business client at the Rugles productionneeds. As a result, users resorted to facility. This is an integrated part ofdeveloping their own office-based the NOVELIS group which has thesolutions to meet the business objectives responsibility for defining theand, little by little, SAP was seen as a management strategy for itsconstraint. In addition, the application Information System.maintenance costs were disproportionateto the service received. The Result The users have started to re-use theThe Solution SAP information system and its in-In 2009, NOVELIS started to look for built functionality. The skill anda company with a local presence that experience of Capgemini have enabledcould redefine its installed SAP new strategic projects to be identifiedsystem. Such a company would have and planned to ensure the informationto provide a high level of service and system will meet the new businesspractical advice and have the capacity challenges faced by NOVELIS. Theto manage both maintenance and ability to intervene in all domains andenhancements to the system. Capgemini the availability of IS skillsets (MESwas able to meet all of the criteria and SAP) have resulted in the reliableidentified by NOVELIS through its transfer of data, which in itself gives aSAP Service Center based in Rennes. real opportunity to optimize the flowAs we were able to meet the of industrial information and to makerequirements of NOVELIS in this way, realistic management decisions.the solution we proposed allowed us CHROME: Accelerating Solutions at Optimum Costs CHROME, Capgemini’s Center for Manufacturing Excellence, is a virtual global community with a dedicated solution lab located in Mumbai, India. The center captures best-practice benchmarks, solutions and enablers that accelerate process execution for our clients. Capgemini’s industry-specific solutions are supported by a repository of tools and accelerators that help systems go live quickly, at lower costs and with less risk. These include: ■ End-to-end preconfigured SAP templates for Automotive manufacturing, including hundreds of reusable components; as well as Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Discrete Manufacturing. ■ Preconfigured solution kits for PLM for Aerospace, Air Traffic Management for Aerospace, Testing Services, Application Lifecycle Services. ■ A ready environment to build, test and demonstrate the proofs of concept for specific solutions. ■ SAP Deliver 2.0, Capgemini’s world-class SAP delivery methodology. ■ A Manufacturing Business Process Template, a repository of Application Maintenance tickets with ready solutions with reusable code blocks and test scripts, and a global manufacturing subject matter expert locator – providing quick access to various skills.Capgemini’s Metals and Mining Practice 3
  4. 4. About Capgemini and the Collaborative Business Experience Capgemini, one of the model called Rightshore®, which aims to world’s foremost providers get the right balance of the best talent of consulting, technology and from multiple locations, working as one outsourcing services, enables its clients to team to create and deliver the optimum transform and perform through solution for clients. Present in more than technologies. Capgemini provides its 30 countries, Capgemini reported 2009 clients with insights and capabilities that global revenues of EUR 8.4 billion and boost their freedom to achieve superior employs 90,000 people worldwide. results through a unique way of working, the Collaborative Business Experience™. More information about is avaialble at The Group relies on its global delivery Capgemini’s Global Manufacturing PracticeA trusted adviser to more than 1,000 leading manufacturers, Capgemini has deepexpertise spanning from high tech and industrial products to automotive,aerospace and defense. We work with 70% of the largest diversifiedmanufacturers; 90% of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the high techindustry; eight of the top 10 consumer electronics manufacturers; 14 of theworld’s 15 largest vehicle manufacturers and 12 of the 15 largest automotivesuppliers; and seven of the top 10 aerospace and defense companies. We are oneof the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcingservices, and our unique way of working with clients, called the CollaborativeBusiness Experience, helps you achieve better, faster and more sustainable results.For more information: more information on Capgemini’s Metals and Mining practice,please contact:Floyd D’Costa Gunnar gunnar.ebner@capgemini.comNick Gill Will will.zhang@capgemini.comJim 07292010Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be modified, deletedor expanded by any process or means without prior written permission from Capgemini.Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini.