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Types of business insurance for a small business by Floyd Arthur Article New York


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Types of business insurance for a small business by Floyd Arthur Article New York

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Types of business insurance for a small business by Floyd Arthur Article New York

  1. 1. CarmoonGroup Ltd. – Business Insurance Hempstead, New York | 1 Types of Business Insurance for a Small Business By Floyd Arthur If you are just starting a small business, you probably know that you need business insurance to protect yourself from financial risk. But with so many different business insurance products available, you may be having some difficulty deciding what type of business insurance is essential and which you can forgo, at least for a while. Types of business insurance for small business To make the decision a little easier, here’s a helpful guide to the most common types of business insurance for small businesses and the protections they offer. Commercial General Liability Insurance Also called CGL insurance, this type of business insurance policy protects you in the event another party is injured as a result of your or an employee’s negligence. Typically, CGL policies cover:  Bodily injury  Accidental property damage  Medical expenses  Libel and slander  Costs associated with defending lawsuits
  2. 2. CarmoonGroup Ltd. – Business Insurance Hempstead, New York | 2  Settlement costs and judgements Commercial Property Insurance Commercial property insurance is business insurance that covers property damage due to a variety of “covered events.” These usually include damage due to fire and smoke, water and wind, vandalism and the like. Business insurance policies differ in how they define “property,” but most cover damage to:  Physical premises,  Business equipment and furnishings  Inventory  Company papers  Cash Digital assets are usually not covered, so it’s a good idea to store a backup of all digital property either off site or online. Keep a copy of passwords, account numbers, and other important records off site as well. Business Interruption Insurance Business interruption insurance helps keep your company going in the event your operations are temporarily interrupted by a covered event. If, for example, your office is rendered unusable due to a fire or weather event, the policy will pay for you to set up shop somewhere else for a specified period of time. Business interruption policies typically cover:  Relocation costs  Lost income  Payroll expenses for employees who continue to work  Operational expenses that continue even though operations are temporarily suspended (for example, utility bills.)
  3. 3. CarmoonGroup Ltd. – Business Insurance Hempstead, New York | 3 Business interruption insurance generally mirrors your property and casualty policy. Thus, if your commercial property insurance does not provide coverage for damage due to floods, your business interruption insurance will exclude this coverage as well. Product Liability Insurance Product liability insurance protects you in the event a product you manufacture or sell is defective and causes harm. Examples of product liability claims include:  Design defects -- These occur when the design of the product renders it dangerous or useless.  Manufacturing defects -- These are unintended defects that occur when a product varies from the intended design and dangerous as a result  Failure to warn -- This occurs when a product is inherently dangerous but is not properly marked with warning labels or instructions for care. In most states, any party involved in the supply chain for a defective product, including the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retail supplier, may be held legally liable for damages under a product liability claim. Professional Liability Insurance Professional liability insurance, protects professional service providers against claims of negligence, bad faith, misrepresentation, unethical business practices and giving unsound advice. Also called errors and omissions coverage, it is important coverage for businesses such as:  Realtors  Attorneys  Insurance professionals  Financial consultants  Estate planners  Physicians (medical malpractice insurance) To ensure that your small business has the optimal business insurance coverage, consult an insurance professional at Carmoon Ltd. today. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 516-292-3780, so call us to set up an appointment to
  4. 4. CarmoonGroup Ltd. – Business Insurance Hempstead, New York | 4 discuss your business insurance needs today. Or if you prefer, request a free consultation online and we will get back to you right away.