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Promoting positive-mental-health-ppt

  1. 1. Promoting Positive Mental Health in Schools: Building Resiliency & Promoting Early Intervention Sallyann Sutton: Young People’s Health Advisor-Emotional Health & Well- Being. NHS Walsall Community Health Morag Quirk: Interim Principle Education Psychologist. Children's Service- Serco Janet Catto. Healthy School Manager. Children's Service-Serco
  2. 2. Aim of workshop • Share the good practice work of partnership working: – Morag Quirk & Jane Linton (Educational Psychologist) – Dr Gary Law (Child Clinical Psychologist) – Sallyann Sutton (Young People’s Health Advisor Emotional Health & Wellbeing) • To give an overview of the project – Background – Aims – delivery – Outcomes • Demonstrate the use of audit and planning tool
  3. 3. Setting the Scene Walsall’s Children’s Mental Health Strategies are developed and commissioned through a partnership approach. This approach brings together for example: Health Services • Walsall & Dudley Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (CAMHS & Clinical Psychology Services) • Walsall NHS Community Health Trust (Children's preventative Service i.e.Young Peoples Health Advisors, School Health Advisors, Health Visiting, Health Promotion Services Walsall Children’s Services, Serco • Healthy Schools, • Educational psychologists (CISS), • Education Welfare Officers, • School Improvement, • Behaviour Support, LAC
  4. 4. Strategies/Projects • Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Children and Young People in Walsall. • Healthy Schools – Whole school approach • PSHE Education • Schools Mental Health Teaching Resource (KS3 & 4) • SEAL • CAMHS Strategic partnership • Childrens Preventative Service • Inclusion Partnership pilot • Project development work
  5. 5. Training • MIND • STORM (Skills Training on Risk Management) • SEAL • Emotional Health & Wellbeing (Self Esteem) – Secondary Teachers • Solihull Approach for Early Years & School Aged Years
  6. 6. Promoting Positive Mental Health in Schools. The Project: Why? • Raft of strategies and initiatives to promote CYP’s Mental Health – Promoting Children Mental Health in Schools (2001) – Social Emotional Aspects of Learning – National Healthy Schools Programme – Every Child Matters – Mental Health is ‘everyone’s business’. • Need to be consistent with and build up on existing policies and guidance. • Empower schools to do what is needed and for us to support and signpost.
  7. 7. The project starting points & intended outcomes Two pilot projects commissioned by 1) Two neighbouring Primary Schools. Both schools use the SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning, National Primary Strategy) Curriculum resource. 2) A pupil referral unit for Key stage 4. Anticipated Outcomes: • to raise awareness of mental health issues in schools • to develop practice in promoting resiliency • to engage parents in building resiliency of children • to understand roles and promote effective engagement of other agencies engaged in promoting positive mental health
  8. 8. Promoting Positive Mental Health in Schools. The Project: How? • Planning sessions with members of SLT • Training half day for teaching staff, teaching assistants, support staff and service providers Content: • Baseline data • SEAL and mental health • Risk and Resiliency • Understanding mental health and referral pathways • Scenario's • Follow-up meeting to review the school ‘action plan’ and identify any ongoing support from outside agencies. • Delivery of agreed support over 12 month period.
  9. 9. Evaluation of project • Pre and post test questionnaires were completed as part of the evaluation process, tracking developments in policy and practice over time. • PASS data • 2008/9 Children’s perceptions gathered in response to the specific action plan agreed. (This will be built upon more comprehensively in second project) • Learning from project one – Secured buy in and commitment from SLT – Development of a more structured action planning exercise.
  10. 10. Audit and Planning Tools
  11. 11. And the future….. TaMHS – Targeted Mental Health in Schools. A project funded by the DCSF which aims to transform the way mental health support is delivered to children to improve their mental wellbeing and tackle problems early. An ‘ecological’ approach to promoting mental health involving viewing the child not just in terms of their problems and needs, but in relation to the environments and structures they are part of (family, peers, class, school and wider community)