Unique Flower Garden Styles Of Florida and Vermont


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Florida and Vermont in the US have some Unique Flower Garden Styles which have been mentioned in the presentation. To know more about such Flower gardens in the US visit myflowergardens.com

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Unique Flower Garden Styles Of Florida and Vermont

  1. 1. UniqUe Flower Garden StyleS oFFlorida and Vermont
  2. 2. Flamingo Gardens - Davie, Florida South Floridas Botanical Garden and Wildlife Sanctuary 60 acres of lush gardens showcasing rare and exotic native plantsGarden contains more than 3,000species of tropical and subtropicalplants, including orchids, ferns,bromeliads, oaks, various species ofpalms.
  3. 3. Fairchild Gardens - Coral Gables, Florida One of the worlds preeminent botanic gardens, with extensive collections of rare tropical plants including palms, cycads, flowering trees and vinesFairchild Tropical Botanic Gardenplays an important part in preservingthe biodiversity of the tropicalenvironment
  4. 4. LEU Garden - Orlando, Florida Leu Gardens features miles of paved scenic walkways Americas largest Camellia collection outside CaliforniaLeu Garden has the largest formal rosegarden in FloridaOpen daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. exceptChristmas day
  5. 5. Mounts Botanical Gardens - West Palm Beach, Florida Mounts Botanical Gardens fourteen acres of land is graced by plants from 6 continentsMounts offers the rarest of tropical fruits, ediblelandscapes, aquatic and arid-land plantsAdmission to the garden is free, except duringspecial events
  6. 6. Hildene Farm and Grounds - Manchester, Vermont Hildene Farm and Grounds include many of the original plantings from 1907 and produce thousands of peony blooms each JuneThe garden resembles a stained-glass Gothiccathedral window with Different coloredflowers portraying the panes of "coloredglass" and privet hedge to represent the"leading" between the panes
  7. 7. My Flower Gardens is an excellent place to feel the trueessence of different flower arrangements and beautifuldisplays of colors in gardens across the US THANK YOUTo know more, visit:www.myflowergardens.com