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Presentation on motifs


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Presentation on motifs

  1. 1. { Motifs Used in our Video Common music video motifs that we have used in our video.
  2. 2.  We added lots of fragmentation of the body to our video. We did this as it is a common motif used sometimes to show sexuality but in this case used to show the broken down nature of Mitchell’s emotions by showing broken shots of his body. Fragmentation of the Body Above is a screenshot from our video of an extreme close up of Mitchell’s mouth to show his sadness, to the right is a close up of this hands on the piano.
  3. 3.  To begin the video we used a very common motif of a shot of the sun. We used a low angle of Mitchell to show the sun behind him, this is used as the sun is a symbol of happiness which contrasts with Mitchell who as a silhouette to show his sadness. Shots of Light, Sun or Fire
  4. 4.  The use of an impossible sequences is very common in music videos as we are able to do things with effects we wouldn’t usually be able to do. I used a cross dissolve to make myself disappear in the video, insinuating I have left Mitchell. Use of Impossible Sequences
  5. 5.  Intertextuality is used often to show an artist recognizing the fact they are an artist by showing them playing an instrument or singing to the camera. We have done this through out the video as Mitchell plays the piano and sings during the entire video. Use of Intertextuality
  6. 6.  Violence is used again and again in music videos of all sorts. There is violence during the argument scene in our video such as when I slap Mitchell and when Mitchell grabs me to hit me. The use of Violence