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Cool gadgets gift for men


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Cool gadgets gift for men

  1. 1. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register! Cool gadgets gift for menGadgets are designed to make the everyday things in life simpler; for thatreason, there are many different opinions on the most useful, top gadgets.However, there are some innovative gadgets available today that mosteveryone should find cool. Technology is constantly advancing, and withthose advancements come innovative gadgets that make newachievements possible with a simple click or push of a buttonWired Magazine features the coolest gadgets invented from gravity chairsto beer machines. Creating your own cool gadget means you must inventsomething that speaks to this moment in popular culture. Whether itsredesigning an old familiar tool, like a toaster, or solving one of lifesproblems, like walking the dog, ask yourself what you really need inorder to make life easier.
  2. 2. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!"Star Wars" nerds will be elated to receive the collectible "Star Wars"MIMOBOT USB flash drive. Choose from 1 GB to 8 GB of memory andchoose a character from the "Star Wars" cast. Each USB comes with "StarWars"-themed wallpapers, screen savers, avatars and sound software.For musicians, check out the iAXE393 USB Guitar by Behringer. Onceplugged in, this program creates your own recording studio with all theamps and effects. It even comes with all the tools you need to produceyour own tracks. If youre more into the drums, the Roll up Drum Kitfrom Hammer Schlemmer plugs right into your PC to provide 70percussion patterns, loops and effects.Gadget lovers who have a pool might really like a remote-control snackand drink pool float from This motorizedradio-controlled drink float can hold up to five beverages and a bowl ofmunchies while being driven around the pool. Its a great way to makethings easier for the party hosts, and a great way to amuse the guests.If your gadget lover is concerned about the environment, he mightappreciate a Solio Classic Solar Charger from TerraPass. This device cancharge any kind of hand-held electronic device with free solar poweranywhere you go.
  3. 3. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!For wine enthusiasts, theres an iceless wine chiller. An iceless winechiller uses thermoelectric technology to cool or warm wine to its optimaltemperature.Also consider the Laptop Essentials Kit from Brookstone if he takesfrequent business trips. Each kit comes with a USB numeric keypad,retractable optical mouse, gooseneck USB light, 4-port USB hub and aretractable high speed Internet cable. It even has ear buds with anintegrated microphone for Internet-based phone services such as Skype.One of the main purposes of gadgets is to make life easier, so start withsomething that will ease a household chore, such as the OnlyGutter-Cleaning Robot. This remote-controlled gadget removes leaves,dirt and small branches from gutters. Eliminating eliminate difficultmanual labor. This robot also does away with the need for gutter shieldsystems, which require professional installation.Another nifty tool is a wireless key finder. You can find these at severalelectronic stores and websites. Most key finders can be programmed tolocate multiple keys with the push of a button.