Planning a Music Video.


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Taking a look at the music video from Lemar's "If she knew"

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Planning a Music Video.

  1. 1. Planning a music video. • To build up my skills in the lead up to creating my own music video I am going to look at shot for shot a music video the R&B genre. The song I have chosen to look at is “-”Lemar – If she Knew”. The reason I chose this song is because the video is fairly simple so I can look at the shots carefully in detail. I'm planning to do the first 35 seconds of the video which consists of the star singing while he is sat down. I will also look at the special effects and mise en scene.
  2. 2. I have made a list of all the shots in the music video with a brief description. 1. 0-2 – Mid shot of lemar lying down on the floor from crane shot, zoom in. Fade out 2. 3-5 – Fade in, lemar on the floor from a side angle then fade out to black. 3. 6-8 – same shot as the first however angle is a but higher. 4. 8-10- back to second shot, soul lifts up, fade out. 5. 10-11 – tracking shot of eyes, close up, camera tilts up as he looks up. 6. 12-13 – low angle mid shot of lemar looking down at the camera. (chair introduced from 14 onwards.) 7. 14-16 – mid shot from side of body 8. 16-18 – long shot of lemar sitting down 9. 18-20 – same shot as 14-16 but the camera is a bit further to the right. 10. 20-21 – long shot from the side of the chair 11. 22-24 – same shot as 20-21 but camera pans to the right as he is singing. 12. 24-26 – same shot of 16-18 13. 26-28 – same shot as 20-21 14. 28-30 – same shot as 16-18 15. 31 – mid shot of him on the chair 16. 31-32 – side shot – extreme close up face palm. 17. 32-34 – fade cut into close up 18. 34-35 – same shot as 31.
  3. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Here I have put together the shots in order of how they were filmed rather than how they appear in the final edit, so I know how these videos are filmed which would be different to how they look in the final edit. As you can see in this video the camera men have filmed lemar in the same position all the way through the video and have done this numerous amount’s of times in different positions and then in the editing process the editors have merged this together to make it interesting instead of the same angle all the way through.
  4. 4. The mise en scene in the video is stereotypical to the r&b genre. For example the lighting fluctuates between high key and low key. Costumes are stereotypical for the star as he is dressed in a leather jacket to bring star appeal to the video and making him look cool. A variety of angles are used and there is a vast amount of close ups of the star which is a key element in Steve Archers theory. Special effects are also used for example the soul coming out of lemar’s body and the smoke at the start of the video. The props used are limited with only a chair at the start of the video. Facial expressions used are confused and emotional which is common to express the stars feeling as the song is about love.