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NoEmployees in Wildcard 2015


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NoEmployees story continues as we explain what has happened to us in a years time exercising NoEmployees way of running a company.

It is still and experiment, and we explain the ups and downs, and encourage people to do things differently: Run organizations as experiments.

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NoEmployees in Wildcard 2015

  1. 1. #NoEmployees liminating the divide etween managers and programmers  & Antti Kirjavainen Juha Heimonen
  2. 2. HI WILDCARD! image: Universal Studios, fair use
  3. 3. What's this about?
  4. 4. We weren't 20 anmore. image: CC BY-ND 2.0 bysnippets101
  5. 5. We'd like to tell aout another wa of working.
  6. 6. Which might have even more significant impact than adopting agile was of working.
  7. 7. To encourage ou to explore If ou want to find a situation where ou can do what ou love In the wa ou think is right To look past the ovious options
  8. 8. Mae we’ve taken the wrong learning from the success of avant-garde 21st centur companies
  9. 9. We went to the Big Dogs mpowered people uilt self-organizing teams Transformed to Agile Made them SAFe
  10. 10. Mae ig (and old) dogs cannot learn new tricksimage: Image is public domain.
  11. 11. Mae we just need more new dogs instead.image: CC BY-ND 2.0 bydakotawinters
  12. 12. The shift is already happening ig companies need cutting-edge creative and knowledge work done. The turn to the small companies that have new was of working.
  13. 13. Other signals Wage transparenc Flat organizations (though, not man of them reall are) Reall innovative organizations
  14. 14. #NoEmployees Our kind of new dog!
  15. 15. Could there be really simple solution?
  16. 16. Our simplest thing Nomploees
  17. 17. mploees, managers and ownersimage: Image CC BY 3.0 byAntti
  18. 18. Taloristic model of management
  19. 19. Conflicting needs of emploees and ownersimage: Image bySmartVt
  20. 20. Conflicting needs of emploees and ownersimage: Image byPBS
  21. 21. mploees, managers and ownersimage: Image CC BY 3.0 byAntti
  22. 22. mploees, managers and ownersimage: Image CC BY 3.0 byAntti
  23. 23. NoEmployees Fellows
  24. 24. How? Shared ownership Access to shared ownership to new fellows Shared work Transparenc
  25. 25. Shared ownership image: CC BY-NC 2.0 byryancr
  26. 26. Access to shared ownership to new fellows
  27. 27. Shared work image: CC BY-NC 2.0 byyuan2003
  28. 28. Transparenc
  29. 29. What about the impacts
  30. 30. A Real Freedom + Responsiilit situation Profit (eventuall) Fellowship ... not restricted to our own compan!
  31. 31. Fellowship over boundaries We kind of hoped for something like this What emerged took us  surprise In a good wa
  32. 32. Partners in selling, people want to sell our offering. Cool venture collaoration opportunities Collaoration opportunities x 4, everone of us grows our network for real
  33. 33. The issue of growth
  34. 34. Capitalism wants ou to do it Starting great things is exciting Pass the good around
  35. 35. NOT  scaling upwards not in personnel count for example The idea is to increase impact, right?
  36. 36. We scale outwards! Towards the network of similar minded organizations and people.
  37. 37.  growing new pods, encouraging teams with a vision and good setup. uurtzorg stle!
  38. 38. Trust #Nomploees grows trust We are not seen as competition, ut as collaorators. Which actuall optimizes things as a whole quite much for everone.
  39. 39. Our Current Challenges
  40. 40. COMMUNICATION! Takes a lot of time Yet not an overhead and should not e treated as such
  41. 41. Shared purpose Freedom vs. Shared Focus Alignment
  42. 42. Survival vs. Greatness Traditional topic We'd like to create something lasting Taking on opportunities means taking on risk
  43. 43. Minimum viable organization What structure is needed? Awa from consensus merging planning
  44. 44. eers soon! Just few slides :)
  45. 45. How can you get do what you love in your own way?
  46. 46. There are alternatives to teaching old dogs new tricks
  47. 47. Organization or rand is small People are ig and great!
  48. 48. e our super self!
  49. 49. Design the sstem for mutual greatness!
  50. 50. You can uild trust and partnerships It is easier if our model is not the same as everone elses
  51. 51. Last Words We need more experiments on organizations That means to us Organizations as experiments
  52. 52. Thank You Juha:  Antti:  TW: we are alwas looking for colla opportunities! @FlowaWolf @eviluu @anttiki