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Art I like volume 3 by Florent Vial


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Here are some artworks from very gifted artists I am a fan of. Dalek, Jon Burgerman and P. Nicolas Ledoux. Please have a look and enjoy.

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Art I like volume 3 by Florent Vial

  1. 1. Dalek, aka James Marshall, is one of the most exciting artists from the burgeoning Brooklyn art scene. While he has received a BFA of the Art Institute of Chicago, he is especially inspired by street art, graffiti, and televisual culture. His work has been exhibitioned in London's Apart Gallery, in New York, and in the Museum of Contempo- rary Art in Washington. Furthermore, he worked with Takashi Murakami.
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  8. 8. His biography begins with words: quot;Jon Burger- man draws, paints, clicks and sleepsquot;. In this way his best years are passing: in drawing, working with computer and sleeping. Jon Burgerman was born in 1979. At this time he lives in Nottingham, Great Britain. Jon is famous by his unforgettable style: bright, clever, some- times not accurate and full of strange things. Working with many various items including paint- ing, stamps on the t-shirts, computer animation Jon created and grew up a big society of strange things and fanny characters living in the magic world of his images.
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  13. 13. In keeping with his long foray into History and contemporary art histories quot;bouncy, full of hills and ponds ready to capture informationquot;, P.Nicolas Ledoux provides us with drawings, composite images, photographs, invitations, slogans, and apparitions. He centers his work around questions whose answers brownbeat both their author and those they are directed to: quot;is it still possible to produce pictures, to give them life and enough weight to take on the worldquot;.
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