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Art I like volume 2 by Florent Vial


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Here are some artworks from very gifted artists I am a fan of. Siggi Eggertsson, Phil Frost and Todd St. John. Please have a look and enjoy the trip

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Art I like volume 2 by Florent Vial

  1. 1. Siggi Eggerstsson was born in Akureyri, a small Early in 2007 Siggi moved to London to become town on the north coast of Iceland. He first part of the Big Active family and contribute to showed interested in Graphic Design at the age publications like Dazed and Confused, The New of 14 when he became involved in local design York Times and Arkitip plus commercial work programs creating posters for jazz concerts and with H&M, Stussy and various music projects. art exhibitions. When he turned 18, his vision Siggi has a unique and complete visual identity; started to expand beyond his remote home, so his approach to work takes in his design back- he applied to the Iceland Academy of Arts in ground, which results in work of hidden depth Reykjavik to study Graphic Design. During his and sense of purpose. first year he met the typographer Atli Hilmarsson and they began working together on design briefs. Here Siggi Eggerstsson developed not only as a typographer and designer but also, increasingly, as an Illustrator and image maker in his own right. In 2005 he moved to New York to work at the Karlssonwilker design studio followed by a move to Berlin to study in the Kun- sthochschule Berlin-Weissensee.
  2. 2. Siggi Eggerstsson Portrait 1
  3. 3. Siggi Eggerstsson Portrait 2
  4. 4. Siggi Eggerstsson Portrait 3
  5. 5. As a self-taught artist who gained wide recognition for Of his work, the artist has said: “I believe [my work] is his graffiti work very early in his career, Frost makes indigenous to myself. I believe that within every person paintings and sculptures that usually are a result of there is an indigenous expression of themselves”. Phil collaging and layering of images, along with the forma- Frost’s highly idiosyncratic work has had a wide recogni- tion of hand-made, often symmetrical black and white tion both in the contemporary art world and in youth patterns. These patterns, which are created with pains- culture, ranging from skateboarding magazines to the taking detail and using correction fluid as a medium, music industry. His work has been featured in the exhibi- offer an appearance that oscillates between modernist tions “Bottle: Contemporary Art and the Vernacular designs and primitivism, abstraction and representation. Tradition” at the Aldrich Museum; “The New York Mets Phil Frost is a highly individual artist whose work brings and our National Pastime” at the Queens Museum; and together aspects of urban culture, abstraction, and “Beautiful Losers” at the Contemporary Art Center in design. Of him, Roberta Smith has written: “his paintings Cincinnati, traveling to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and altar like sculptures exude extreme sophistication, San Francisco, CA, Orange County Museum of Arts, specifically a confidant fusion of graffiti, modern art, Newport Beach, CA and Pennsylvania Academy for the modern design, and the primitive that influenced so Arts, PA, among others. He has been the recipient of many facets of modernism”. Frost’s intensive approach several grants and awards, such as the Tiffany Founda- toward every object he works on, whether it is the tion Grant and the Pollock Krasner Award. surface of a white canvas or a found object in the streets of New York, invariably result in a dense layering of forms and tightly knitted designs that conform richly complex compositions that engage and change before the eyes of the viewer. Frost’s patterns often appear as arcane codes and a language of its own, composed of symbols such as letters, hearts, dots and mask-like forms.
  6. 6. Phil Frost Unknown title
  7. 7. Phil Frost Unknown title
  8. 8. Phil Frost Unknown title
  9. 9. Phil Frost Unknown title
  10. 10. Phil Frost Unknown title
  11. 11. St. John produces both commercial and experimental work through HunterGatherer, the studio/workshop that he founded in 2000. He has created animations, illustra- tions and graphics for everyone from MTV to Money Mark to The New York Times. In 1994, while living in California, St. John co-founded the influential graphic T-shirt label Green Lady with Gary Benzel. Nylon Maga- zine described Green Lady as quot;to the designer T-shirt world what RunDMC is to hip-hopquot;. St. John regularly has work published, broadcast and exhibited internationally. He was included in the 2003 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial with Benzel, and in 2008 was nominated for an Emmy for the animated short quot;Circle Squaredquot;. St. John also teaches as a graduate critic at the Yale School of Art.
  12. 12. Todd St. John BKLK Dust Jacket
  13. 13. Todd St. John Untitled
  14. 14. Todd St. John Untitled
  15. 15. Todd St. John Untitled
  16. 16. Todd St. John Untitled
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