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Art I Like 10 by Florent Vial

Here are some artworks from very gifted artists I am a fan of. Adam Jackson, KAWS and ZEVS. Please have a look and enjoy.

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Art I Like 10 by Florent Vial

  1. 1. Adam Isaac Jackson aka GUST was born in Japan and relocated to the United States to go to school at The Art Institute of Seattle. Now the young artist lives, works, and gets by in Tacoma, Washington. At only 24 years of age, it’s hard to deny that Adam has already come quite far in the fiercely competitive world of illustration and art design.
  2. 2. Adam Jackson Unknown title
  3. 3. Adam Jackson Unknown title
  4. 4. Adam Jackson Unknown title
  5. 5. Adam Jackson Unknown title
  6. 6. Adam Jackson Unknown title
  7. 7. Brian Donnelly (1974- , USA) Brian Donnelly, aka “KAWS”, manifested himself for the first time in the early 1990s by painting walls and writing graffiti in and around Jersey City and New York. In the mid-1990s, he began appropriating advertisements from bus shelters and phone booths in New York City and painting a graphic, cartoon-like skull-and-crossbones image into them. He continued to develop this motif for the next few years, re-working advertis- ing materials not only in bus shelters and phone booths in New York City, but in Paris, London, Berlin, and Tokyo. This work has been featured in numerous publications, as well as exhibited at Colette, Paris, PARCO Gallery, Tokyo, MU Art Foundation, the Netherlands, as well as at BAPE Gallery, Tokyo. His recent work has been influenced by iconic characters from modern pop culture, such as Mickey Mouse, “The Michelin Man”, and The Simpsons. KAWS’ work treads the fine line between art, commerce, cartoons, and commercials. It is a disruption of, as well as a tribute to, all objects produced, bought, sold, exchanged, desired, and cherished. KAWS stud- ied at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, and currently lives in Brooklyn.
  8. 8. KAWS for Kanye West
  9. 9. KAWS Unknown title
  10. 10. KAWS Unknown title
  11. 11. KAWS Unknown title
  12. 12. KAWS Unknown title
  13. 13. The French artist ZEVS is known to many because of his spectacular quot;Visual Kidnappingquot; campaign. At the Berlin Alexanderplatz he cut a female figure out of an oversize advertisement banner from the company quot;Lavazzaquot; and quot;black- mailedquot; them to make a 500.000 Euro donation to the quot;Palais de Tokyoquot; in Paris. For some time now, he has been dealing with the methods and techniques of Graffiti cleaning troops in Paris and the momentariness of Graffiti. In Wuppertal, he worked with his subsequently created Clean Graffiti Technique. He designed dirty walls by working his pieces into the walls with cleaning machines, thereby creating a negative. The many dark, dirty and old industrial buildings that shape the cityscape of Wuppertal inspired him to do this work.
  14. 14. ZEVS Unknown title
  15. 15. ZEVS Unknown title
  16. 16. ZEVS Unknown title
  17. 17. ZEVS Unknown title
  18. 18. ZEVS Unknown title
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