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The Seven Minute Star Keynote
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The Seven Minute Star 2-Day Seminar

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Welcome to much more than just a presentation skills course or public speaking seminar. The Seven Minute Star Seminar is a laboratory of personal growth. In just two days you become passionate about communication, you are motivated to communicate differently, you are inspired to be a creative communicator.

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The Seven Minute Star 2-Day Seminar

  1. 1. WELCOMEBarcelona, February 2011Dear Friend of Inspiring Communication,Welcome to much more than just a presentation skills course orpublic speaking seminar. The Seven Minute Star Seminar is alaboratory of personal growth.In just two days you become passionate about communication,you are motivated to communicate differently, you are inspiredto be a creative communicator.Practical, fresh, creative – The Seven Minute Star Method onlyuses positive and constructive feedback. Thanks to thisconstructive help you receive from me and from the entireseminar team you personally grow to levels you had never evenpictured.Do you take this inspiring challenge?Your sincerely,Florian Mueck “Inspiring Communication for Leaders and Teams”
  2. 2. FLORIAN MUECK style practical fresh creativeFlorian Mueck from Germany is co-founder and president of —an initiative to create a European team spirit. Before coming up with the ideato create this movement, this entrepreneur, based in Barcelona, Spain, andBerlin, Germany, worked as a consultant and business development managerfor almost a decade for KPMG, the global advisory firm.Since Florian joined a chapter of Toastmasters International in Barcelona in2005, public speaking, already his passion, has become his profession.An Associate Professor of EADA Business School Barcelona and author of “TheSeven Minute Star – become a great speaker in 15 simple steps”, Florianoffers inspiring communication seminars, presentation coaching and keynotespeeches.For more information on Florian Mueck:,,, and his blog.
  3. 3. Method THE SEVEN MINUTE STAR Communicative Constructive Creative Original(Self-confidence + Message + Impact)Practice + ++ Refinement ideasThe Seven Minute Star Method will increase Ken Blanchard says: “Feedback is People might be good at producingyour communicative value the breakfast of champions.” speeches and presentations, yet, too often they lack original ideas forExercises focus on boosting self-confidence, The Seven Minute Star Method only content and deliverygetting to the point and making the uses constructive evaluations bygreatest impact both the trainers and the group: The Seven Minute Star Method fosters the creative side in youLearning by doing is key to maximize the What is great (+) and what can besum of self-confidence, message and improved (++) You learn how to use and refineimpact original ideas for a higher communicative impact Be passionate Be motivated Be inspired
  4. 4. SEMINAR DAY 1Day 1 focuses on learning by doing, stepping out of the comfort zone andpractical tips, tricks and tools for you to learn how to communicate withimpact and how to be memorable.Introduction Expectation Check 10:00-10:10 Characteristics of greatSet The Stage 10:10-10:30 speakers and emotional check Learning by doing:The First Speech: Preparation, speeches, 10:30-13:00Breaking the ice evaluations Interactive exercise: How toThe Speech Structure build any speech/presentation 13:00-13:30Building Method in just 10 minutesLunch 13:30-15:00 Interactive presentation by FM: confidence, transparency, first sentence, eye contact, voice,The Seven Minute Star body language, visual aids, 15:00-16:15Speech structure, rhetoric, anecdotes, quotes, humor, enthusiasm, passion, smile Stepping out of the comfortThe Second Speech: zone: Preparation, 16:15-18:00My greatest... speeches, evaluations “Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” Sun Tzu
  5. 5. SEMINAR DAY 2On Day 2 the participants apply and deepen their previously acquiredknowledge – in both individual and group exercises. The constant positive andconstructive feedback by all team members turns the seminar into anincubator of personal change. Let’s see what you still remberKnowledge Check 10:00-10:10 from Day 1 Prepared presentations with Powerpoint + extensiveThe Third Speech: feedback rounds 10:10-13:00My Business, Why Us (presentation & Powerpoint slides)Lunch 13:00-14:30More Power In Your Best practices in building 14:30-15:00Point Powerpoint presentations Group exercise –The Fourth Speech: preparation, presentations 15:00-16:30The Sales Pitch & evaluationsTeam Feedback Positive feedback round 16:30-17:45Wrap-Up Revising expectations 17:45-18:00 “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius
  6. 6. THE BOOKExperience-driven, practical, to the point - The Seven Minute Staris your entertaining guide to becoming a great speaker!Whatever your profession may be, these 15 steps will propel youup the stairs where youll find your seven minutes of glory - onstage:You will release your hand brake.You will be as translucent as ice-cold water.You will surprise your audience.You will look deeply into their eyes.You will set your voice free.You will make your body talk.You will explore the power of 3D.You will learn how to create any speechin just ten minutes.You will arm yourself with rhetorical weapons.You will tell your own stories.You will borrow credibility without being a thief.You will make your audience laugh.You will be more enthusiastic than Michael Jordan.You will engage your audience and express yourself withpassion.And, most importantly, you will rediscover your smile!The Seven Minute Star on
  7. 7. TESTIMONIALSGerrit Mauch, Head of HR Development at Accor Germany (until 01/2011)“At Accor we highly appreciate the professional development and training ofour people. In this sense the Académie Accor Germany only cooperates withpartners who can convince us of their high quality and pedagogical standards.Additionally, the specific learning habits of our employees as part of theservice industry require an attractive and innovative didactic approach. FlorianMueck guarantees this with his vivid personality and his profound expertisebased on The Seven Minute Star method.”Michael Kalkowski, Co-founder and Creative Director at GameDuell, Berlin“Normally I don‘t like those rhetorical seminars too much: mediocre contentpresented by trainers who should participate themselves. The Seven MinuteStar Seminar is totally different. Florian is a natural talent with a lot ofpractical experience. He conveys the success factors of great rhetoric in atangible and instantly applicable framework – put into action in numerousexercises right away. My summary: Extreme learning factor in an extremelyentertaining atmosphere. Very recommendable!”Ralf Beunker, Member of the Banking Leadership Team, KPMG Europe LLP“With his motivating and engaging style Florian triggered a ‘movement’ amongour team - now they are all committed to being better communicators. Aconvincing concept.”
  8. 8. CONTACTFlorian MueckBarcelona, SpainBerlin, Germanycell +49 173 898 8843contact@thesevenminutestar.comWeb // thesevenminutestar.comBlog // the7minutestar.tumblr.comFacebook // // VAT Ident. Number: ES-X5340895L
  9. 9. “The love for what one does,the love to create, the attitudetowards individuality - FlorianMueck has proven thesequalities. Many thanks for aperfectly trained and motivatedteam! Where rhetoric andteambuilding are concerned -this is our understanding of thepursuit of perfection.”Daniel Braun, DirectorMercure München City Center

Welcome to much more than just a presentation skills course or public speaking seminar. The Seven Minute Star Seminar is a laboratory of personal growth. In just two days you become passionate about communication, you are motivated to communicate differently, you are inspired to be a creative communicator.


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