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Electronic music


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Electronic music

  1. 1. Electronic music is musicthat employs electronicmusical instruments andelectronic music technologyin its production.
  2. 2. This is associated exclusively withWestern art music since the late1960s, consisted of acomprehensive, interactive displayof vintage electronic tools for videoand audio generation/processing.
  3. 3.  American electronic music, was created in 1939,when John Cage published Imaginary Landscape. Using two variable-speed turntables, frequencyrecordings, muted piano, and cymbal. In 1951, Morton Feldman, collaborate with Cage,produced a piece titled Marginal Intersection.
  4. 4. Percussive rhythm is characterized bythe use of a straightening. Theserhythms can be characterized byintensive polyrhythms, relates hip-hop and B-boying (breakdance).
  5. 5. The most likely origin of the word"breakbeat" is the fact that the drumloops sampled that occurred during a"pause" in music, however, the genusname is related to "broken rhythm".
  6. 6. Is a genre of music that was popular fromthe mid-1970s. Their initial hearings wereto night owls American communities, gay,Latin, Italian American, and AfricanPsychedelic New York City andPhiladelphia during the late 1960s and early1970s.
  7. 7. Downtempo is a type of electronic music stylesimilar to ambient music, but usually with abeat.Sometimes the bumps are more complicatedand foremost rather than at the bottom, butstill tend to be less severe than other types ofelectronic music like trance and house.
  8. 8. Electro is a genre of electronic dancemusic directly influenced by the use ofdrum machines and funk sampling.Records in the genre typically featuredrum machines and heavy electronicsounds, usually without voice.
  9. 9. Techno is a form of electronic dance musicthat emerged in Detroit, Michigan in theUnited States in the mid 1980s.Many styles of techno now exist, butDetroit techno is seen as the basis on whichthey have built a number of subgenres.
  10. 10.  UK garage. England, 1990s.Hardcore techno. Europe, 1990sIndustrial music. United Kingdom andGermany, 1970sDrum and bass. London, United Kingdom,1990sRock music and Punk rock. United Kingdom,1960sTrance music. Germany, 1990s.
  11. 11. Is an electronic instrument capableof producing a wide range ofsounds, generate electric signals,then be converted to soundthrough the loudspeakers orheadphones.
  12. 12. Is an electronic musicalinstrument, does notgenerate sounds. Playrecordings.
  13. 13. Is an electronicinstrument designed toimitate the sound ofdrums or otherpercussion instruments.
  14. 14. Is a device orapplication softwarethat can record, edit,or play back music.
  15. 15. The computer is broughton stage to create andmanipulate soundsproduced during amusical performance.
  16. 16. The SL-1200 MK2 is a solidteam and incorporates aspeed control maintainsconstant speed andvariability in low speed, soit was a popular tool forDJs.
  17. 17. JOSHWINK(Joshua Winkelman,April 1970). He is anative of Philadelphia,United States. Isan electronic music DJ,label owner, producer,DJ
  18. 18. The most important festivals are:May 21, San Diego CA.May 17, Philadelphia.June 21, 2013, DallasMay 17, San Francisco CAMarch 15, MiamiLas Vegas, Nevada,June 21 - 23August 31, New York NY
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