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Presentatie The Playing Circle House


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Presentatie The Playing Circle House

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Presentatie The Playing Circle House

  1. 1. the playing circle
  2. 2. What does Creative Amsterdam need?
  3. 3. An inspiring and creative place to work and meet
  4. 4. ins s pir ing a et tio me n innovation brainstorms ps tea ho chi s rk ng wo s
  5. 5. A PLACE
  6. 6. where creative freelancers meet innovative corporate life
  7. 7. Where netWorks beCome orgAnisAtions
  8. 8. on line where l off line meets
  9. 9. What would a place like that need to have?
  11. 11. 1. Coffee House An open coffee house to work, meet, drink and eat. A coffee house with all the features of a normal one only specifically designed to serve as an ideal ‘hot desk’, with wireless broadband internet, larger desk type tables and quiet phone corners.
  12. 12. 2. Open Studio A studio that will have a uniquely designed interior with individual workspaces, smaller meeting rooms and wireless internet & printers. Further more we will provide our members with additional back office and staff support: administrative work, legal counseling, personal assistance and iCt support.
  13. 13. 3. Business Loft the business Loft will consist of a number of multifunctional spaces. the unique location, inspirational interiors and outstanding services make our business lofts extremely suitable for brainstorm sessions, presentations, workshops and other ‘off site’ meetings for innovative corporate life.
  14. 14. Connect the business Loft will be the connection between cor- porate life and the members of the Playing Circle. the network of highly skilled and specialized freelancers can offer corporate life; creative ideas, innovative brain- power, brainstorm facilitation, communication consul- tancy and project management support.
  15. 15. Who would want a playing circle? Freelancers • innovators • multimedia specialist • art s • facilitators • writers • communication consultant roducers • directors • designers • animators • journa t • managers • strategists • art directors • marketers ntrepreneurs • architects • executives • creatives • d
  16. 16. The Creation and Innovation House of Amsterdam the playing circle