Evaluation 6 what have you learnt about technologies from


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Evaluation 6 what have you learnt about technologies from

  1. 1. When filming your opening sequence, we used the canon camcorder, tripodand light reflector. The canon camcorder was really easy to use andcaptured film of good quality which obviously essential when producing afilm of any sort. The tripod was also very useful it held the camcorder at astill position and reduced the camcorder form shaking. The tripod was mosthelpful when filming the shot of the clock. Within the room the clock wasmounted over the bed and was too high. Moreover, standing on the bedproduced alot of shaking without the tripod. Additionally, the tripod hasadjustable height, this is important as we wanted to capture alot of highand low angled shots. Lastly, the light reflector came in handy as we couldmanipulate the light into the face of our antagonist and most importantlyobjects in which we wanted to show detail. The shot to the left below isclear example at where the light reflector really came into use.
  2. 2. Another piece of technology we learnt about was garageband. Thissoftware enables us to create our own music track with the use andmanipulation of loops provided by the program itself. This was reallyuseful in creating our soundtrack as it had categories such as:Orchestra, Jazz, Drums etc to help us locate a particular sound.Also the export of the mp3 was really quick and easy.
  3. 3. Finalcut is a program where you can edit and create video/films. We startedusing finalcut even before filming for our sequence so we were familiar withit. From using finalcut, i was able to log and transfer our clips form thecamcorder into finalcut express. From here we placed them on a timeline inorder and edited them. This program let us add effects and transitions suchas fade in fade out. Secondly, it enabled us to use a wireframe which lets useshrink, increase and move the clip inside the frame and also allowed us toposition our credits in the right place.This is a shot from my finalcut project of ourthriller.
  4. 4. On the other hand, we used certain websitesto help us with our film making. We usedGoogle images to search for inspiring shotswhich aids us with mise en scene, lighting,camera angles etc. For examplethis shot from the film se7en found inGoogle images helped us design our setting.We also used bloggerto create posts, shareideas for our film andanswer evaluationquestionsWe also made the use oflivetype which helped uscreate our fonts and titlesused in our film.
  5. 5. I also used ixconverter to convert videosespecially from YouTube to mp4 so i canuse it in finalcut. This is how i retrieved themomentum pictures logo.This canon camera is what i used to takepractice shots and also the camera used totake the behind the scenes photo’s. Thiswas really helpful as it gave me anopportunity to practice before actuallyfilming.Ultimately, i used paint numerous amountof times for producing screen shots andalso used it to make the 12 frame pictureboard shown in evaluation one.
  6. 6. Here is me trying tofigure out how to usethe camcorder.The canoncamcorderThis camera hasgood quality filmingand was easy tomanoeuvre.TripodThis where i placed thecamcorder, it kept it steady Extendable tripod legsand safe which allowed us to which i adjusted intake various shots with accordance to whatease. type of camera angle i wanted, e.g. High and low.
  7. 7. When talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the camera equipment, ithad a mixture of both. One weakness of the actual camcorder is that todefocus the picture you have to twist a knob several times. This was a problembecause as you twist it, it shakes the camcorder even when mounted on thetripod. This was a shame as we wanted to defocus and focus on objects to addeffect but where unable to. On the other hand a strength of the camcorderwas that it has high resolution recording which produced stunning shots andclips, also the buttons are easily located on the camcorder and connecting itup to the computer was done at a push of one button.The tripod was key in helping us take shots as it kept the camcorder still andwe where able to adjust the height of the tripod to get a higher angled shotand vice versa, also had a handle which made it easier to pan and tilt.One problem we came across when filming is when we see the antagonistcoming towards the radio and camera to turn it on. The tripod would not fitbecause it was too big so we jus laid the camcorder freely behind the radio.The problem was that the antagonists head was cut off when recording, toresolve this we gathered a few books and put them under the front end of thecamcorder to tilt it upwards more so we could get his head within the frame.
  8. 8. The new equipment that we used to enhance our thriller was the lightreflector. We used this to redirect light onto certain things e.g. Thedrugs and the antagonists face.When using finalcut for editing, i learned how to edit clips in order todevelop emotions within the audience, e.g. a quick cross cut to show achange and also to build up tension and suspense.We i garageband to create apart of the soundtrack. I think this programwas really useful in creating a suspenseful soundtrack. This is because inthe program, there are categories in which different loops are found. Forexample, in the orchestra category there were brass, string andwoodwind loops and within the fx section there were sounds of raindrops,thunder, cars etc. This was really convenient as i knew what instrumentsare typically used in creating suspense, so all i had to do was find theright category. The challenge that i faced during this process was themixing of different loops to create a suspenseful track. There were lotsof relevant loops but most of them required another loop on top to fillthe texture, i found finding another loop that complements an existingone very hard but i managed in the end.
  9. 9. Overall, i have learnt that the use of technologies used to construct ourproduct were the pillars of our film. Without these technologies such asfinalcut and garageband, ixconverter and blogger, we would have hadgreat difficulty producing and editing and creating a soundtrack for ourfilm. From the use of the canon camcorder i am now able to record clips,from the use of livetype to create fonts that represent aspects anddevelop emotions and lastly, the use of blogger into which our planning,ideas and research was embedded to assist us to produce our film.