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Saludos 5to verano


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Saludos 5to verano

  1. 1. Saludos-GreetingsHello/Hi- HolaGood-bye- Adiós.See you later/See you- Hasta luego, nos vemos, nos vemos luego.Good morning- Buenos días.Good afternoon- Buenas tardes (desde las doce hasta las siete).Good evening- Buenas tardes-noches (desde las siete hasta las diez).Good night- Buenas noches. (desde las diez hasta las doce).How are you?- ¿Cómo estás?.I am fine- Estoy bien.What is your name?- ¿Cómo te llamas?My name is Gary- Mi nombre es Gary.How old are you?- ¿Cuántos años tienes?.I am twenty-six years old- Yo tengo veintiséis años.Los colores- (The colors)White-Blanco.Orange-Naranja.Yellow-Amarillo.Red-Rojo.Pink-Rosa.Violet-Violeta, lila.Blue-Azul.Green-Verde.Brown-Marrón.Grey-Gris.Black-Negro.Los números- (The numbers)One-UnoTwo-Dos.Three-Tres.Four-Cuatro.Five-Cinco.Six-Seis.Seven-Siete.Eight-Ocho.Nine-Nueve.Ten-Diez.Eleven-Once.Twelve-Doce.Thirteen-Trece.Fourteen-Catorce.
  2. 2. Fifteen-Quince.Sixteen-Dieciséis.Seventeen-Diecisiete.Eighteen-Dieciocho.Nineteen-Diecinueve.Twenty-Veinte.Días de la semana-(Days of the week)Monday-Lunes.Tuesday-Martes.Wednesday-Miércoles.Thursday-Jueves.Friday-Viernes.Saturday-Sábado.Sunday-Domingo. There is or There are? 1 RULES: 1. Use there IS for singular nouns (one item). There is a spider on the wall. there ARE for many items (plural nouns). There are pencils on my desk. Read the sentence, decide on the answer, then click the answer button to see the correct answer. 1. There many animals in the zoo. 2. There__________ a snake in the window. 3. There___________ a zebra in the grass. 4. There__________ lions in the zoo, too. 5. There____________ many baby lions near their parents. 6. There______________ a bird next to the tree. 7. There______________ many monkeys in the trees. 8. There_______________ an elephant in the zoo. 9. There_____________ some water in the lake near the elephants. 10. There_____________ birds in the zoo. 11. There______________ many people visiting the animals today. 12. There_______________ many children, too. 13. There________________ a gorilla in the tree. 14. There____________ some grass under the tree. 15. There______________ bananas in the tree with the gorilla.
  3. 3. 16. There___________ many birds near the gorilla.17. There_____________ a rock near the tree.18. There_____________ many sharks in the aquarium.19. There_____________ an eel in the aquarium, too.20. There______________ lots of water for the fish.21. There_______________ many animals to see at the zoo.