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  1. 1. By: Alexandra Humnicki, Floriane Brette, Akram Nehmé
  2. 2.  Selling the world’s best boutique hotels and luxury hotels. “Extraordinary hotels for global nomads” Sells rooms from chains: Ritz Carlton, Grand Hyatt etc… Sells rooms from small and locally owned boutique hotels Lists luxury hotels with a premium price offering rates from less than 100 USD to over 200 USD Put the ease, the romance, the glamour, back in travel, from inspiration to confirmation Hotels are anonymously visited and evaluated by Tablet Hotels’ team of experts, that will only keep them on the site if hotels meet the high standards required to continue deserving their approval and to stay listed on the site.
  4. 4. • Positioned for the global nomads- as states the tagline on the previous slides• Ranked 53,493 in the world•Low rank, meaning lots of visitors•Fast website•Page is viewed on average 48,972 times/day & worth901,429 USD•Viewed mostly by the US market (shown on the nextslide) with 50%.•Tablet Hotels appeared in all the Newspapers shownon the left hand side•They position themswelves as “the one stopprescription shop for the jaded amd harried traveller”
  5. 5.  Facebook- special offers, guest feedback, contests to win stays, lots of picture, articles, interviews
  6. 6.  Twitter- 21,000 followers; 4,200 tweets, organize scavenger hunts , create awareness, special promotions
  7. 7.  Youtube- interviews to inform potential guests
  8. 8. 1) Before- to provide information and pictures concerning the hotels in various countries, to attract the customer2) After- client satisfaction and feedback3) Customer loyalty- through contests and scavenger hunts