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Free toast host

  1. 1. Free Toast HostMario Flores, ACS
  2. 2. Overview What is Free Toast Host? What? Why? Uses Caveats
  3. 3. About Me Web Development Manager or Webmaster Worked in the IT field with websites for 8 years
  4. 4. What is Free Toast Host?• A free service to toastmaster clubs• A web-based content management information system• Benefits the public and club members• Created by Bo Bennett, DTM
  5. 5. Club Activites – Rising Stars Agendas Contests Communications with members Marketing Goals Dues
  6. 6. Issues Communication is difficult once members leave the meeting Information dispersal happens at the meetings and through email No centralized location to find information Potential members must contact a club officer to attend
  7. 7. How Free Toast Host helps Centralized location for club information for club officers and members Potential members can find information about the club meetings Inform all members in one location Does not require technical knowledge to manage 61 clubs in our district use Free Toast Host
  8. 8. Features for club officers Mailing lists Club news and forums Duty roster Member information Statistics Downloads Semi-annual dues Club goals – annual and quarterly
  9. 9. Features for members Signup for roles online Member contact information Forms Club calendar
  10. 10. Features for potentialmembers Publicize your meeting location and time Communicate what your about Corporate clubs can communicate internally Promote your club through Google
  11. 11. FreeToastHost
  12. 12. Caveats Balance marketing and member information Get leadership involved when setting up the site Remove unused sections Check the link from the district site to your site periodically
  13. 13. Caveats Start small and add in features over time Train your members Use only what you need
  14. 14. Caveats Design ◦ Stick to the basics ◦ Unless your comfortable with changing a website, stick with the basic setup ◦ Use caution with colors
  15. 15. Caveats Chunk your words ◦ Users online do not read, they scan ◦ Chop your communication by using bullets and headlines ◦ Get to the point
  16. 16. Downtown Professional
  17. 17. Dripping Springs
  18. 18. USAA Bank
  19. 19. Cartus Magnus
  20. 20. FreeToastHost vs. ClubSchedulerFree Toast Host Club SchedulerOnline Personal ComputerFocused on collaborating Focused on schedulingAllows all to interact Allows only an administrative personDoes not generate a schedule Generates a scheduleStores member information Stores member informationFree with a club number $40 donation7000 clubs use Free Toast Host 1000 clubs use
  21. 21. Ready to start? VP of Public Relations should manage If possible, have two officers setup the site Ensure the username and password is available to all managing parties Club contact Club information Only one site per club
  22. 22. Ready to Start? Requirements ◦ Internet Explorer 6+ ◦ Firefox 1.5+ ◦ Some users have reported issues with Mac and some say it works fine