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This is a presentation I did for the Global Messaging World Congress 2012 in London.

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Gmc joyn florentstroppa_2012_08

  1. 1. RICHCOMMUNICATIONSERVICESHow Joyn can drive a newwave of innovation incommunication services?Florent Stroppa, Vodafone
  2. 2. FIXED-LINE TELEPHONYFREED PEOPLE FROMDISTANCEPeople didn’t need to belocated at the same placeto talkThey needed a phone Picture by spratmackrel
  3. 3. MOBILE TELEPHONYFREED PEOPLE FROMPLACESPeople didn’t need to beat a given location toplace a phone callThey needed a mobile Picture by Matt Preston
  4. 4. IP TELEPHONY ISFREEING PEOPLE FROMTHE DEVICEPeople don’t need to use aparticular device to make acallThey just need an app on aconnected deviceThis is what RCS-5 is about Picture by l normalityrelief
  5. 5. IP FRAMEWORK WILLFREE PEOPLE FROMAPPSPeople won’t need aparticular app to have aconversationThey will need a smile :) Picture by Ani-Bee Game by Jibe Mobile
  6. 6. IP WILL EVENTUALLYKILL THE CIRCUITWith Wi-Fi there is no circuitWith LTE there is no circuitThere is only DATAThis is having a profoundimpact Picture by Pulpolux !!!
  7. 7. BUT IT WILL NOT KILL THE PHONE NUMBER, NEITHER THE “PHONE” There is more than 7B phone numbers today IP telephony will still use phone numbers for some years to come By the way, the most successful OTT services today use numbersPicture by Ol.v!er [H2vPk]
  8. 8. THE IMPORTANCE OFSTANDARD1 - Huge part of the industry isbased on standards2 - Ecosystem of layers3 - Economy of scale4 - Best way to achieve ubiquity5 - Simplicity for users6 - Does not belong to anyone
  10. 10. WHAT IS JOYN?1 - The future of mobileoperator communicationservices2 - A platform for innovation
  11. 11. JOYN CHATAs simple as textAs rich as over-the-topGroup chatNo registrationNo friends invitation Background by Capitu
  12. 12. JOYN FILE SHARINGShare files within a chatShare files during a callWith or withoutcompression Picture
  13. 13. JOYN VIDEO SHARINGShare video during a callNormal phone callFix all 3G video call userexperience issues Background by erenemr
  14. 14. JOYN WIDELYMISUNDERSTOOD- Communication services arethe tip of the iceberg- Edge-to-edge IP reachability- Capability discovery- Rich communication enabler
  15. 15. IMAGINE A WORLD OFTRULY INTEROPERABLEAND UBIQUITOUS RICHCONNECTION1 - Person to person2 - App to app3 - Person to business
  16. 16. COMMS IN APPS &GAMES- For developers - Easy to useAPIs in the making which willmake inclusion of joyn commseasy to existing apps- For users: joyn enabledmultiplayer gaming
  17. 17. PERSON TO BUSINESS- For developers: Add chatcapabilities to apps withoutmaintaining a communicationservice back-end- For users: real-timeinformation enriching the callto a business
  18. 18. RICH CUSTOMER CARECALLS- Add video to customercare calls- In-call real-time sharingof personal information
  19. 19. THANK YOU!!Florent Stroppa, Vodafonetwitter: @florentstroppa