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  1. 1. Title: My favourite actor’s lifeTitle: My favourite actors lifeDescription: This is an intermediate-advanced lesson focusing on famous actorsand actresses by using the past simple tenseGrade Level: college/adultCurriculum: Art / MusicIntroductionWe ‘ve always had one favourite actor or actress as years pass by.When we choose one particular actress or actor, we take into account ourpersonality and our way of thinking, since that, the person we choose reflectsour likes and preferences.Nowadays children, adolescentes and even adults enjoy watching films, series,and episodes in their daily lives. And of course, the type of entertainment theychoose depends on their likes and preferences. And inside those preference liestheir favourite actor/actress.TaskYou are part of a school competition. The School has asked the participants tochoose one actor or actress and to write a biography based on the participants’research, their background knowledge and their knwoledge of the world. Thebiography should be personal and creative. When you finish you will have toprepare a power point presentation with illustrations that reflect your writtenwork in order that you could present your work to your classmates.
  2. 2. Process 1. Decide the actor/actress that you will focus onResearch: Find out this information visiting this websites- - You can visit all ofthem or choose the ones that have all what you need.Famous actor biographies, filmography, and factoids.(n.d.) Retrievedfromhttp://www.enewsreference.com/famous_actors.shtmlwikipedia the free encyclopedia.(n.d). Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_PageWhat the world is looking for. The “fast find”web guide.(n.d). Retrieved fromhttp://www.chiff.com/pop-culture/hollywood.htmfamous people their lives.(n.d). Retrived from http://www.famouspeople.co.uk/celebrity and acting info.(n.d). Retrived from http://www.thespiannet.com/Bio true story.(n.d). Retrived from http://www.biography.com/celebrity biography.(n.d). Retrived fromhttp://celebritywonder.ugo.com/html/biography.shtml - Personal information: in this section you have to include date and place of birth, members of the family, studies (primary, secondary, university, etc) marital status ,etc - Beginning of the career: first films, time and place. - Create a timeline showing how the person begins their career up to now. (include famous films, participations in series, etc)
  3. 3. 2. Organization of information:Summarize the information you think is relevantTry to divide the information you have found under different titles in orderthat you can have all the information organized when you have to start withthe assignment. For example:Private lifeCareerFamous films, etc3. Creating the biography:Open a word document and start writing titles for each part of the researchso as to help you. The design of the biography is subjective that means thatyou design the biography according to your preferences and likes. Forexample: Personal information: Jhonny Deep was born in........and you continuewriting the information you have found. Then Beginning of the career and youcomplete with the information, etc.It would be fantastic that you include illustrations.4. Final Product:When you have finished with all the assignment on the Word document, youopen the power point presentation and do a similar work but summarizingmore the information and with more visual effects.Each student will show to the class the work done with a projector.EvaluationThis assignment will take into account the:- creativity( students should be able to use their imagination and creativity)- Dedication (assignments that show interest, hours of work will have higher marks than the ones that show lower interest)
  4. 4. - Use of Language, puctuaction ( the assignment should be coherent, without spelling mistakes and written with the correct use of the language) and of course, grammar(the correct use of the verbs in the past simple).- Fact of having all the information asked and the dateline. Assignments which are handed in after the dateline will not be accepted.ConclusionWith this assignment the students have: • Practised how to summarize information • Used the internet to find information • Practised how a biography is done • Realized which information is relevant or not • Used their own ideas to create a creative biography • Learnt more about famous people • Listened to the other classmates’ work • Talked about a common topic”celebrities” by using the foreign language. • Learnt that not only the internet is used to pass the time but also to find all the information we need to present an assignment.